Amino Fres-C

Dear Parents, did you know that di lang tayo ang naii-stress? Even our precious little one's experience it too. Lalo na at school. We all are pretty aware na ang school is wonderful place for new learnings and happenings in our child. But this can also give stress to them like sa mga kids ko na sa simpleng schedule sa pagpasok eh naiinip na, sa mabibigat na bag, sa nabaling crayons, natapon na juice etc etc... Spell STRESS dabah :P ( IKR, relate ako lalo na pag math subject na chozzz!!!) 

How to De-Stress our Kids from School? 
with the help of AMINO FRES-C: A Real Fruity Tasting Juice Drink 

But I tried my very best to instill the value of diligence and patience. As much as possible ayoko nang bugnutin or moody na bagets :P I tried talking them out whenever naiinip/naiinis/ or galit na sila. Feed them with knowledge that can also widen their understanding and sharpen their minds. Be involved in their school life, like checking their assignments/projects etc. Also be mindful for any emotional or physical traumas they might stumble upon to. Let them join extra curricular activities that can help them boost their self-esteem and develop a healthy body.

De-Stress kids from the hurly-burly of school with the help of Amino Fres-C Juice Drink

Now back to de-stressing the kids...
Wouldn't it be nice if we would prepare something eye poppin - jaw dropping treats pambaon to our kiddies :) Let me introduce to you AMINO FRES-C an instant (powdered) juice drink mix from Ajinomoto.
My Daughter Ricci with her Amino Fres-C Orange drink
Eye poppin for that bright colors and jaw droppin for super fruity tasting drink!

The New Amino Fres-C is a great addition to our kids daily baon for school. Amino Fres-C is the only powdered juice drink that is packed with Branched Chain Amino  and Acids (BCAA) with Gluthamine and Arginine. These specific amino acids were the building blocks of protein that maintain energy levels, supports muscle growth and repair, and toughen immune system making this drink 70% less calories compared to other powdered juice brands, so they get to enjoy real fruity taste of its Orange, Pineapple, and Mango.
Amino Fres-C Orange, Mango and Pineapple
Make a baon that they can't resist but won't compromise the healthy diet. (^.^,) Meals that is more enjoyable and nourishing but great tasting. Must confess, picky eater here :( advantage is I know how to play around with food ang make it likeable for my kids :D For veggies make it almost invisible to see but don't cheat, wag itago or dayain cause I hate ng dinadaya nung bata ako :P Try juicing, I juiced veggies and fruits and stick to best tasting ones kaya may veggie intake pa din sila somehow :D. And practice what you preach :P As for me na picky eater din, dapat magbawas bawas ako ng kaartehan or else I'm setting a bad example :P

Need I say more? (^.^,)

Amino Fres-C

What can I say?
At first, upon looking at it I thought it's just another powdered juice drink to mix with water... But the moment I've tasted it... ay may naisip ako na iba :P and I say KABOG!!! I super love the orange flavor kasi sanay na tayo sa lasa ng mga litro pack juices na iba iba lang ang name pero halos same sa lasa. Pero sa Amino Fres-C... hay... real ang fruity lasa., not the usual taste na nakasanayan :P Even my sister said manggang-Mangga yung Mango!!!

My kids say?
C: Masarap an orange na orange :P
R: it's good, I like mango!
C: delicious... OK like!

Amino Fres-C
 Amino Fres-C is available at any local supermarkets for P8.00/per pack only