another food trip before  2014 ends.

StreetChef Philippines
"Where Tradition Meets Fusion"
- a themed restaurant offering traditional Filipino cuisine and street food. Experience street dining with 'chill' ambiance

When my blogger friend Charity of invited me for a food tour I was like YEAH! GO! cause I missed hanging out with this gal!

Upon researching about "StreetChef" I chased upon their facebook page and saw a buffet style catering.
No way that I imagined how Street Chef would be, I thought it's going to be a restaurant serving street food like isaw, kwek kwek fishball and all.

But I was wrong... so wrong...

photo credit: Christian Aligo
you won't miss that tarp right?

Located at #880 San Rafael St. cor. Martinez St. Mandaluyong (near Mandaluyong City Hall)

first impression?
* it was like a parking space with mini bar and resto
* na parang may pagka padis point arrive slight.
* tambayan for students and astig ng graffiti effect.

But the place was realy for:
*a family eat out night
*barkada nights

I was really excited para sa isaw and kung anik anik na iniihaw, but surprisingly they serve this:

Tochong Bangus
what??? ano daw? 

honestly, first time ko marinig, malaman at matikman ang nakakabinging dish na ito :)
did some research ang iba ang tochong bangus na nilalabas ni google :P

Translation: Milkfish with black beans and tahure (aged/fermented soybean)
but I think this one is a Street Chef's version

and if I will compare StreetChef's tochong bangus to what is commonly found on the internet, 
mas bet ko ang StreetChef's version!

Fried Bangus to perfect crispiness topped with their special tomato salsa
it was sweet, sour and spicy. and a hint different spices, flavors exploding on your taste buds!
can be ulam or pulutan, your choice :)

Spicy Tapa
says it all :) Spicy and it's tapa :P
Shot na!!!

Beef and Mushroom
ito, ito, ito ang pinaka favorite ko sa Street Chef food tour na ito :)
Delectably delicious!!!

Street Pinakbet
The veggies are GREEN! not the lanta gulay look when cooked.
and look at all those meat! sarap!

Adobong Adidas
I grew up being mapamahiin, and my lolo's and lola always said not to eat chicken feet kasi.... 
it will make me isang kahig, isang tuka! and this is my mom's favorite kaya najustify ang pamahiin lol.

pero if I wont try this one, I'll starved hahaha.
The aroma is Super! bihira ako maamaze sa adobo kasi super galing ng papa ko dito. #yabang 
keri nya lahat to sweet, spicy, and any adobo.... 
Sadly, taga kain lang ako and never learned his ways :(

 I want it to be spicy, tasty and not maasim.
this adobong adidas? PAK huling-huli!!!

Sizzling Balut
No Comment... Charot!

I don't eat balut, Sorry :( 
my blogger friends like this ah. KJ lang ako.
pero if penoy GAME!!!
I tried the cheesy sauce and BONGGA!!!
masarap yun ang na-simot ko :P

Leche de Mango
infairness I like their leche flan, and the texture? smooth, 
not too airy unlike others I tried na may mga air holes :P
and makes it more special because of the mango and whipped cream
sana lang whole sya instead of half laniera or better get the circle pan for this.

The Best Tasting Red Ice Tea ever!!!
and it's bottomless...
unlike other restaurants who offer bottomless drinks, 
this on tastes super good and di malabnaw. :P yehey!!! KAMPAY!!! :P

and then there's GABRIELLA
cocktails from Street Chef
sakto sa mahaba-habang usapan at inuman :)
if you want a stronger kick just say so :) sisipain kita!!! 
ay gagawan pala ng paraan ng barista nila :P

what Streef Chef has to offer:

oh diba eye poppin' mode ka? 
not your ordinary street food :P
also available for Catering Services

di ko namalayan ang time during our stay :)
cant wait to be there again, actually miss ko na ang red ice tea, beef and mushroom and and all.

Street Chef's staff like the Barista and Cooks are from TESDA / Technical Trainings Certified... 
ansabe ng galing sa culinary schools??? leveling,  kaka proud that Street Chef support tesda graduates,

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