Today is the day!!!
The day for my Belo Collagen Powder Drink Trial

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In this blog post I will share to you my personal experience about this product. I will post updates here from time to time, so you guys can see how this ugly duckling will turn out after 7-14 days joke!

But seriously, this trial docu' is for me to share how this product will work on me. I will post pictures as often as possible to let you guys see what effects it can make. So help me lord, sana ikaganda ko toh charOt!!!

My Favorite Great Taste White Coffee 

with Belo Collagen Powder Drink

take a peek inside Belo Collagen Powder Drink sachet :)

up close :) just like a coffee creamer 
taste like french vanilla and smells like it too but has little hint of  saltiness after
p.s super little hint ah. medyo maarte lang taste buds ko kaya anu anu nalalasahan.
pero I asked my sister to try it wala naman daw ganun hahaha. :)

after stirring... 
I got too excited and didn't got the chance to take pictures as the contents being poured on my coffee.

had to stir it well till no lumps floatin' around. 
But the kid in me likes it  just like the old days when my granny make us a glass of milk or hot choco 
we like some milk or  sweet cocoa floating on or hot cup and sippin' it straight :D

Initial Day1 Review:

(Powder) Taste and Texture: Like french vanilla, same as some coffee creamer I tried.

(Mixed with Coffee) Taste: a hint of vanilla and something else. 
But that something else is tolerable taste naman. a super bit salty and sea, kind of fishy but not the "bad" fishy way that most of us would imagine :) 

actually I'm puzzled talaga... 
pero after double checking the  supplemental facts at the back of its box BOOM! there's Marine Collagen at 5000mg maybe that explains it :D or tamang hinala lang ako :P as I am writing this,  I did some researching on the side and this is what Marine Collagen is:
Marine collagen is a fibrous protein extracted from the scales or skin of saltwater fish, including cod and salmon
hahaha tama akey!!! 
pero PROMISE!!! di sya malansang masama, I mean yung lasa is mapapaisp ka na ano yon? anong lasa yun? di mo madescribe pero meron, pero di naman masama. parang meron pero parang wala. I sound magulo dabah, pero yun ang personal experience ko with this product again tolerable ang lasa nya and mas nangingibabaw ang vanilla, sadyang ganito lang ang taste buds ko, even my relatives pansin ang kaartehan ko dapat nga daw ng food blogger ako charOt! pero as I've said nung si sister dear ang pinatikim ko wala syang nalasahang ganun para lang daw coffee mate in french vanilla haha :)

DAY1: (Night)
Milo with Belo Collagen Powder Drink



still strring :) medyo effort ang pag-dilute
pero dadating tayo jan.

ayan getting there...

getting really there...

and after 30 strokes sa pag stir ayan na :D

yehey!!! my hot choco with collagen cup :D
P.S: di ko na malasahan ung "something else" more on vanilla taste na sya :)
-time stamp 10:10pm Nov12.2014 :D


Day2:                                                                 morning
had it on my coffee (yun lang naexcite ako di ko na napicturan :P

on this day, napansin ko na sumikip ang mukha ko hahahha,
parang may weird sa mouth ko, gooey feeling :D its a good sign right?
pero party I'm scared hahaha kaya I decided to take this 1 sacher per day na lang.



                                       Belo Collagen mixed with my favorite powder juice drink


aftee (^.^,)
Told yah favorite ko na sya with Tang Apple :D


Beauty Regimen before Beauty Sleep with #Belo Collagen

FAST FORWARD to Day10: Morning 
Christmas Cup :D My Cereal Drink with Belo Collagen (^.^,)

So far so Good :D
My skin looks better, although my pimples. but yung skin ko looks better talaga.
It kinda glows, and yung fine lines ko na called wrinklets nawala :D and my face kinda feels tight talaga :D
(will upload a close up pics of this sana lang makita nyo ang difference)

mabilog naman talaga cheeks ko yan lang ang asset ko hahaha
pero look mas naging okey ang skin ko dabah??
p.s di sya pumuti, reflection lang ng sun yan :D
#nofilter #walangedit #promise

eto pag walang sun :D

Considering to include this on my daily supplements, kahit medyo pricey sya for 114/sachet keri na din kasi naaalagaan ko somehow ang aking skin, and di ako masyadong napapraning sa wrinklets ko :D if may extra at kasya sa bugdet Go! 

I know sooner or later my skin would aged (actually it is aging as we speak right?) and minsan lang tayo magiging "ganito", I mean "the look" at this certain age :D yung young, bagets at our prime and I better prolong the effect dabah? kung pwede lang i-preserve ang beauty why not :D kaya for me, alagaan ang sarili kasi it will show, alagaan ang skin, ang hair ang body and looking good feels really good naman talaga diba.
kaya't habang may chance pa tayo i-showcase ang ating beauty RAMPA NA! 

enjoy life kasi minsan lang toh :P

Stay tuned naman for my Belo Glutathione with Collagen Review soon

Please visit us again for the continuation of my journey to being Belo BeYOUTHiful!

Have you tried this na din ba? Share your thoughts by commenting below :)
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