Got an invite for the first PLDT Tech Island!

(as early as now  I'm hoping to be invite again next year hahahah)

Yes this will be an annual event na!

The First Ever PLDT Tech Island and I'm part of it's history yey!!!

and the wheels of the bus goes to Pico De Loro :)
yiheee!!! #FieldTripModeOn

after 48years... 
a breath-taking scene :)

I <3 calm and relaxed water so at peace :D

I saw the Sign, The Road Sign :)
sa wakas... :D
3 hours ko na kasing hinohold ang... 
sabi kasi ni Sir. Migs A. walang stop over huhuhu
*kaso from capturing this pic  30minutes pa bago na reach ang gate 
that it the longest weewee holding moment of my life :P

This page on my blog titled TechHub is really about my Techie Hubby :P
lagi nya ako kasama kaya sayang naman the events if I wont blog about it.

The Crowd. 700+

Opening Remarks

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing obsolete.
-Buckminster Fuller

"Passion makes a person work 96 hours in a row."
Gary Whitehill

#relatemuch feel na feel ko this xmas season for my cakes and cupcakes :)

"Success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose."
-Bill Gates

with Paul Pajo on Making Connections

I really liked talks from People so passionate about their craft.
sana maambunan ako ng wisdom nila to get me fired-up and moving forward.

pico de loro bands

May Cisco din pala sa IT world,
iba kasi ung sisqo na kilala ko, tumo-Thong Song un :P

time for the BEACH PARTY!!! wooohoooo!
yun lang nakalimutan ko my 2pc charot! :P

ganito ako sa beach :) tanaw tanaw lang :)

Ang eye-bags ko naging eye-maleta :P 
kasi naman excited 12am gising na hahaha
Thanks Sir Manny, dahil sayo nag kapicture kami together na di selfiemode  :P


ang KJ ko diba?
pahiga-higa lang ang lola while watching the calm sea, habang sila pumaparteyyy!!!

This is the good life!

super kulit loots form #PldtTechIsland
kamusta naman the shirt?
parang di ko kaya hahahaha

and the echo bag is for the win!!!
when worn gives an illusion that yan ang body mo sideview
hahahah :D

Let me end #PLDTTechIsland tour with this Sunset
This Pico De Loro Hamilo Coast Sunset. #Priceless
ay mahal pala yan! for members only :P
Thanks PLDT for making this trip possible (^.^,)