2014-06-21 10.13.45a
I saw this again on our picture folders.
This is super memorable to me!
as mom every single even simple things done by my kid is already an achievement or milestone for me to cherish and be proud of.
As you can see it was dated June 17.2014
what can you say? comm'on dont be shy? I won't get mad.
well here's my thoughts:
First thing that caught my attention was his drawing of the "Dad" 
I can say that Charles draw what his "Dad" looks like. at least para sa pov nya :D
and I must say na medyo kuha ah!
1. The Hair Style.
2. The Big Smile
Next is "Chloe"
with 3 strands of hair :P because our bunso always had her hair tied up para iwas kalat sa face. and again the big smile :D
Then we have "Ricci"
long hair, same hair style and a flashy smile :D
Now is "Charles" turn,
his interpretation of himself...
masaya toh:
1. Hair Style
2. Round Eyes
and this is the best part.... ROUND CHEEKS!!!
special award for that :D ang dami naming tawa jan... atleast normal naman pala his eyes and nakikita nya ang mga facial features namin hahaha
and that's it :P
thanks for reading and aappreciating my son's artwork with me :D
I skipped something?
ah.. yun ba? okey...
and Now the Okray Part of it all...
take a look at my Portrait, called "Mommy"
1. Round face
2. Orange lippie
3. Side Pony
and 4. The overkill Eye Brows!
actually I asked him what happened?
bat ganyan???
ganyan ba itsura ko?
he said: ang hirap kasi nung shape, diba nagpaayos ka ng brows? nag iba tuloy di ko na magaya :P
yun naman pala :D
Thanks again for taking time to read this post :D
alam nyo naman pag mother na, lahat halos lalo na kung nakaka proud is i-she-share mo sa mundo :D
yan tayo eh! Cheer's to all Mom out there!!! specially sa stage mom kagaya ko :P AJA!