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Have you heard about the Belo Nutraceuticals?

I've noticed that this product line (Belo Collagen Powder Drink and Belo Glutathione with Collagen) from Dra. Vicki Belo,  is making noise around the social media and most of my blogger friends was into it. So I got curious, look myself in the mirror and damn! my face is really deflating and wrinklets (wrinklets I call them kasi maliliit hihi) are showing na!!! #signofaging and now's the perfect timing to try it for myself.

so before that, let's get to know a little more about Belo Nutraceuticals

Dra. Vicki Belo M.D The Modern Day Fairy-God-Mother of Celebrities in the Philippines.

The Leading and Trusted name in Beauty. Introduces a line of products with revolutionary breakthrough in health and skin care industry.

"Nutrition" and "Pharmaceutical" combined. 
These are supplements that enhance overall health and beauty from within

Belo Nutraceuticals
a breakthrough patented formulation has undergone extensive studies to ensure its professional grade, quality, safety and efficiency

Now, allow me to introduce the Belo Nutraceuticals Skin Care Line

Belo Glutathione with Collagen.
Packs of 10's P480.00 | 30's P1440.00 | 60's P2700.00

What Is Glutathione and why is it important?
Glutathione is a tripeptide of amino acid present in our human cells. It is considered as the master antioxidant because it is the most potent antioxidant found in the body. The highest concentration (26.58%) of the glutathione in the body is found in the liver because that's where it is needed the most. It is involved in various reactions, such as detoxification, destruction of free radicals and strengthening immune health. It is also clinically proven to whiten the skin.

How does Glutathione whiten the skin? 
Glutathione whitens the skin in 3ways
1. Interferes the melanin production
2. Changing dark melanins to light melanins
3. Replacement of skin tissue to excrete melanin

The Power of Whitening and Anti-Ageing in one Capsule

and latest addition, The Belo Collagen Powder Drink
Box of 14's P1592.50
What is Collagen?
The most dominant protein made up of different amino acids, occupying 30% in the body, 70% in the skin. It also exists as the most important ingredient of dermis.(dermis is the layer of skin between epidermis and hypodermis) It provides strength and structure to different parts of the body, holding cells and tissue together in bones, tendons and ligaments. It prevents formation of wrinkles by keeping the skin elastic and supple.

How does Collagen Affect One's Skin?
Collagen decreases as we age. 
There is a 20% decrease in collagen from age 20 to 40 and 40-50% decrease from age 40-60

Provides remarkable anti-ageing benefits that work from within.

That felt like having a Science Lesson I got back in the day!
I remember our little experiment about collagen, tendons joints and ligaments where we were ask to bring a fried chicken and identify the said parts in front of the class.-iba na ang may alam! :)

I hope you learned a lot on this post.

On my next post, I promise to be more detailed and will do a separate reviews about it too.
I'm hoping that you gals will be back for that.

*Photo Credit to Belo Nutraceuticals Facebook Page

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