thought that I'm late for my 12pm talk. huhubels
bad weather + traffic and a super slow mrt. but still thanking God that we arrived in 4 piece
*I was with my girlfriends and boyfie :) #jk (my 2 daughters and my hubby)
I headed straight for my talk while my girlfriends had their makeover done agad :D
as in nagpamakeover na talaga sila agad!!!!
can't find the words to describe this :D
2014-09-14 12.19.19 2014-09-14 12.19.47
feel na feel :D
2014-09-14 12.20.41 2014-09-14 12.20.51
lip colour :)
2014-09-14 12.22.03
and choosy pa sa cosmetics na ilalagay... as in they were telling the make up artist what shade they like (^.^,) #kaloka
2014-09-14 12.22.10
2014-09-14 12.22.232014-09-14 12.22.59
2014-09-14 12.23.19
believe me that this is not the final look...
they keep coming back for touch ups!!! :D
Super Thanks TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL for accommodating my lil girlfriends :)
2014-09-14 12.36.22
12pm talk with the BDJBOX Beauty Ministry
That's the only pic I got to take because I'm super Focused :D
wanting to asked pa naman the beauty ministry, but sadly I wasn't the Chosen one lol
My million dollar question pa naman goes like  this...
"I saw Nicole's Video on Instagram singing Shake it Off by Taylor Swift,
wanting to ask all the walang ka- Stress-Stress, Beautiful Ladies of BDJBOX Beauty Ministry
How do they Shake-Stress- Off??? what's their outlet to de-stress?
and yun nga... di ko na nasabi :D
this is the booth that I'm Super Excited about :)
2014-09-14 14.03.58 2014-09-14 14.04.01
charan!!! with Ms. Ana Victorino
rooting for #AnaForRealTechniques
she's so sweet and kinarga pa nya my little girl :D
I really like her beautiful face lalo na if nag-smile na sya :D #womancrush ba toh? hihi
2014-09-14 17.00.15 2014-09-14 17.00.29
2014-09-14 17.00.32 2014-09-14 17.00.35
Shebby and Ana in Action at the Kalm Cosmetics Booth
my 2nd talk to attend :)
MakeUp Essentials with Max Factor x Bobby Carlos
2014-09-14 15.16.05 2014-09-14 15.33.53
let me say this... ANG FLAWLESS NG FEZ NYA!!! #kainggit :(
He introduces Max Factor's Cutting Edge MakeUp Artistry Essentials
super na amaze ako sa cc sticks :D 6 shades for different types of need
Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless / Facefinity All Day Primer
and dahil nakinig ako at alert I get to take home a prize from Max Factor yey!!!
2014-09-17 12.06.41 2014-09-17 12.06.58
2014-09-14 16.04.07
meet my friend  Pretty-SHY
who is pretty and shy at the same time, that's why :D
2014-09-14 16.46.10 2014-09-14 16.49.39
TOLD YAH! my girls are back for their Touch-Ups :D
2014-09-14 16.49.46 2014-09-14 16.51.01
sporting her shining shimmering splendid eye shadow from Too Cool For School Booth
2014-09-14 16.51.52
again super thanks :D
2014-09-14 16.59.00 2014-09-14 18.25.25
ahem ako naman :)
make up by Piandre' Salon -taray naka falsies pa #1st time :D
panira lang my hair :D
Short Funny Story from my Instagram :)
pics at
Abot ba jan ang lashes ko???
hong gondo... ng lashes hihi #campgorgeous #bdjbox #bdjboxsocial@bdjbox #makeover
First time ko sa falsies, pahirapan tanggalin,
asked my younger sis pano alisin? tuklapin ko lang daw...
Me: masakit...
Sis: ganun talaga! Tiis gondoh!
Me: masakit talaga eh...
-sabay kita na isang hibla lang naalis gaga totoo na ung naalis ko hahahaha
Sis: ay oo nga hahaha ako na nga!
Sis to the rescue sa ateng late bloomer hahahha
again... retouch nanaman
2014-09-14 17.02.30 2014-09-14 17.02.39
ang kikay!
2014-09-14 17.15.04 2014-09-14 17.15.43 2014-09-14 17.16.06
#Bombshelling at Cover Girl Photo Wall
2014-09-14 17.19.40 2014-09-14 17.19.41
Mirror Selfie with Gigantic Cuteness of Benefit MAJORETTE Blush
boost blush to amplify your flush
and let me show you my bdj goodie bag and what's inside!!!
 2014-09-17 11.56.25
BDJBOX/ Belle De Jour Power Planner Loot Bag
2014-09-17 11.55.31
 Cosmopolitan Magazine (April 2014 Issue )
2014-09-17 11.58.44
2014-09-17 12.01.51
2014-09-17 12.00.07
2014-09-17 12.01.15 2014-09-17 12.01.33
Yves Rocher  Sebo Vegetal Mattifying Gel Cream / Bifetsa Cleansing Wipes
2014-09-17 12.04.21 2014-09-17 12.04.40
Too Cool For School  Lunch Box BB Cream#2,  Dinoplatz Cinema City Multi CC Cream and Sitzoka Makeup Remover
Physiogel / Yves Rocher
2014-09-17 12.05.37 2014-09-17 12.06.06
Shu Uemura / Loreal
2014-09-17 12.04.59
Revlon Diamond Collection Nail File
2014-09-17 12.03.21
in every BDJ Event, no one goes home empty handed :D
to end this post here's our TRAIN FAMILY-SIZE SELFIE
2014-09-14 18.26.28 2014-09-14 18.26.06
bad weather can't ruin a super good day we spent on BDJBOX Social! Super Fun!!!
looking forward for more bdj events! Join din kayo!
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see yah!