• FarmStay Real Skinny Two Way Pact

    FarmStay Real Skinny Two Way Pact

    During the FarmStay Sparty by McDell HealthCare Products Inc. I saw this cutie compact on display together with the other FarmStay products. 

    The design of this FarmStay compact is pretty nice. Not the usual "look" of compacts available in the market. This one is pretty catchy because of its colorful design that looks like an item from and adult coloring book.

    It is kinda bulky too that makes me wonder why is it being called "Real Skinny"

    photo from amazon.com

    Product Description
    SRP P900.00 with one (1) free refill
    Shade # 13 beige (also available shade # 21 light beige )
    Long-lasting effect, with upgraded powder particles
    Matte “clean” finish
    Great coverage for pores and fine lines
    100% imported from Korea

     Made in Korea
     13grams | Shade no.13 Beige
    Comes with  Super Soft Sponge (^.^,)

     Bare Hand
    With Super Light Application
    Single Application
      Double Application

    Blended In

    Having a super fine power particles amazed me so much. It has that silky soft feeling after application and feels so light. I like that it makes me look a one shade lighter yet still looks natural. 

    5 Things I like about FarmStay Real Skinny Two Way Pact 
    1. Compact Design and Packaging
    2. Available in Natural Shade
    3. Super Fine Powder
    4. Super Soft Sponge
    5. I like that I look a bit lighter/fairer by using it minus that awkward feeling because the shades were looking so natural on me.

    2 Things I don't like  about FarmStay Real Skinny Two Way Pact
    1. A bit bulky, 
    2. Only 2 shades available #13 beige and #21 light beige

    McDell Healthcare products Inc.
    FarmStay on Social Media: instagram | facebook page 

    Farmstay products are available in McDell’s Showroom in Cubao, Quezon City
    online retailers: Lazada | Beautymnl | Zalora 
    Farmstay is also distributed in other countries that include China, Hongkong, and Vietnam.

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