• One Championship: Spirit Of Champions Official Weigh-In

    Christian Lee (SG) vs David Meak (AU)
    Fight 1 Feather Weight
    Christian Lee (143) vs. David Meak (143.5)

     Alex Silva (BR) vs Ruel Catalan (PH)
    Fight 2 FlyWeight 
    Alex Silva (124) vs. Ruel Catalan (123.5)

    Bruno Pucci (BR) vs Anthony Engelen (NL)
    Fight 3 FeatherWeight
    Bruno Pucci (144.5) vs. Anthony Engelen (144)

    Angela Lee (SG) vs Lena Tkhorevska (UA)
    Fight 4 StrawWeight 
    Angela Lee (114) vs. Lena Tkhorevska (114)

    Ana Julaton (PH) vs Irina Mazepa (RU)
    Fight 5 FlyWeight 
    Ana Julaton (125) vs. Irina Mazepa (124)
    Eugene Toquero (PH) vs Li Wei Bin (CH)
    Fight 6  FlyWeight 
    Eugene Toquero (125) vs. Li Wei Bin (124.5)

    Mark Striegl (PH) vs Reece McLaren (AU)
    Fight 8 BantamWeight 
    Mark Striegl (134.4) vs. Reece McLaren (134)

    And for the One Champions Spirit Of Champions Main Event
     Brandon Vera (PH) vs Paul Cheng (
    Brandon Vera (247.5) vs. Paul Cheng (250)

    One Championship
    Spirit of Champions DEc11, 2015 7:30pm Mall of Asia Arena


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