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    Pinoy Food is now getting its due attention from the world food scene and our Pinoy street food flare is just as loved.

    A celebration of street food

    The food fair offered the best of the best when it comes to street food and they were all gathered together at the biggest street food event in the country. 

    And on top of it all, everyone was treated to fun games, exciting promos, and must-have freebies arranged by the event’s sponsors; Unilever Food Solutions, Knorr, Nestle All-Purpose Cream, Maggi, Pure Food Crispy Fried Chicken, Tender Juicy Hotdog, Purefoods Chicken Breast Nuggets, Del Monte, Joy, P&G, CDO Sweet Ham, CDO Ulam Burger, Bibbo Hotdog, Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino, CDO Chicken Franks, Sesame Hotdog, Holiday Squid Balls, and Idol Cheesedog. 

    An Epic Food Fight

    In an epic cook-off by some of the country’s most talented street food cooks, ten of the best street food cooks competed at the grand finals where they were tested, not only by the Kusina Master - Chef Boy Logro but also by a crowd of 100 people composed of students, drivers, shoppers, and other business owners, the ones who eat their dishes every day.

    They gave it everything they’ve got, all the techniques, knowledge, and skill to win because only one will get to take home a life changing prize, his/her very own food stall at SM Hypermarket rent-free for a year as well as P100,000 pesos worth of prizes including large food packs, ingredients, cooking equipment, etc. courtesy of SM Hypermarket’s Food Service Center; the home of big packs and big savings; and other hotel, restaurant, and catering needs. 

    The top ten contenders for the title of Best Pinoy Street Food 2015 Grand Winner was made up of incredibly talented cooks who surprised everyone with their kitchen handiwork.

    Top 10 Finalists
    Kennetth Ian Nadela of Bad Boy’s Kitchen - SM Hypermarket FTI
    Paul Anthony Garcia of Irma’s Manandal - SM Hypermarket Pasig
    Raymond Sombilon of Mangkuk Ilonggo - SM Hypermarket Sucat
    Vivian Tiongkiao of Crunch ni Munch - SM Hypermarket Sucat Lopez
    Daniel Corbilla of Bibingkit Food House - SM Hypermarket Las Piñas
    Maricon Luares of G-Mak Catering - SM Hypermarket Antipolo
    Angelica Bonifacio of Inbisito Eatery - SM Hypermarket FTI
    John Bryan Castillo of Dad Jim’s Diner - SM Hypermarket Las Piñas
    Erlinda B. Franco of Madam’s Eatery - M Hypermarket Cainta
    Angelica Libed of Aling Mila’s Food Delivery and Catering - SM Hypermarket Valenzuela

    Every contestant had his/her own specialties and cooking secrets that were used to conquer the competition. There were the veterans who have been in the kitchen business for decades, there was a culinary school graduate who proved his kitchen expertise, as well as an entrepreneur with an innovative version of a classic Filipino merienda.

    Final Four

    Erlinda B. Franco, Angelica Libed, Angelica Bonifacio and Raymond Sombilon 

    In the end, Angelica Libed of Aling Mila's Food Delivery and Catering of SM Hypermarket Valenzuela emerged as the 2015 Best Pinoy Street Food champion at SM Hypermarket Sucat last November 30 and was crowned by Chef Boy Logro himself. 
    Angelica Libed came home with 100,000 worth of prizes as well as the promise of opening her very own food stall at SM Hypermarket rent-free for one whole year.

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