• URBANIZE Digital Amazing Race at Serin, Tagaytay

    Yesterday, November 25, URBANIZE invited us to be part of a "Digital Amazing Race" in Serin Tagaytay. Without having any idea of what might happen, the competitive side of me gets too excited  and plan her attack... I mean outfit for the day :P

    Rubber shoes...? checked!
    Tshirt...? checked!
    Jacket...? checked!!! No time for girly girly stuff and just sporty casual for it's a race, game On!

    One of the newly opened malls in the south is the Serin Tagaytay. Carries a lovely selection of shops and dining outlets for the enjoyment of both tourist and locals. A popular one-stop-shop for best and even imported brands for technology, lifestyle, and travel accessories, URBANIZE caters to the highly-mobile lifesyle of today's millenials by providing them with their supplies for urban adventure.

    Arrived way earlier that the second batch of the Digital Amazing Race participants, we decided to check out what URBANIZE is all about?

    URBANIZE is again a one-stop-shop that has great selections and international brands that offer the best bags, storages, tech accessories, and so much more in order to keep up not with the Kardashians but to stay mobile, safe, organized and well focus on many tasks at hand.

    Having branches at Manila's top shopping malls, Urbanize continues to make itself more accessible by venturing outside metro manila to delighted the shoppers

    URBANIZE Styles:
    Canin Zero,
    Mojo Back Packs, 
    and PKG

    European Brand:
    Loqi wallet 
    and luggage cover. 

    For this URBANIZE store has brands like STM, and Swiss Tech. Also carrying Urbanize BOOMBOTIX, Artiart, and Japanese electronics, accessories brand Elecom as it offers an impressive assortment of gadget accessories or various prize points.

    Gadgets like smartphones and tablets are crucial to keeping up with today's very mobile way of life, Telstra, important to keep this gadget well protected. Make sure to check out the brands cool selection of earphones, headphones, speaker/keyboard, portable speakers, keyboard and more at Urbanize.

    Last but not the least, Urbanized has brands like STM and swiss tech. Also carrying BOOMBOX, ArtiArt and Japanese Electronics

    For more info about URBANIZE... 
    Check out the following hashtags 
    #urbanizeph #elecomph #pacsafeph #loqiph
    #cabinzeroph #pkgph #artiartph #suppliesfortheurbanadventurer 
    #iloveayalamallserin. #ayalamallserin #helloluluPh



    Here's the Behind The Scene/ Photo Entry of our tandem for the URBANIZE 
    Digital Amazing Race
    The Race is ON!!!
    URBANIZE Selfie!

    LOQI Tote Bag

    SuckIt Up,Suction Cup/Tumbler from PKG Philippines
    SoundTrip with #ElecomPh

     Bag it with #CabinZeroPH

    Super safe #PacsafePh

    PG Design Ph / #PochiPH

    We were I think 3rd or 4th to arrived and completed the task down to uploading our entry on instagram (^.^,)
     Yet we didn't win :( sadness!
    But special award for #BestInPicture naman kami YEY!!!


    Thanks URBANIZE for having me
    It was such an amazing event!


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