Monday, November 09, 2015

My Beyond The Box iPhone6s Midnight Launch Pila-Experience
iPhone6s arrives in PH in "salubong" mode. Mala new year ang arrive for having a midnight launch!
And because I wanna make usisa about the happenings...

Naki-pila ang lola nyo :P

I've decided to come as early at 10pm para una ako or pasok man lang sa first batch to ever laid eyes on the new iPhone6s

But... may mas maaga pa sa akin!!! Nakakaloka! or It's just that everybody is really excited for iPhone6s

These people patiently waits for the Beyond The Box's iPhone6s Midnight Launch to start. And dahil hindi ako nakakain sa sobrang excitement naghanap muna ako ng snacks somewhere. Babalik na lang ako sa line minutes before Beyond The Box gate's open for the launch.


But, Shocker!!! Dumami ang tao (^.^,) Nahiya naman ako bumalik sa dati kong spot dahil wala dun yung pinagbilinan ko at kumain din ata. I do belive in the saying " Mamatay na sumingit" :P kaya I line up again, yun nga lang sa pinaka end na :)

Dumating din ang #TamangPanahon  and The iPhone6s Midnight Launch is ON!

Damn' pang 6th batch ako! LET ME IN ALREADY!!! hahahah

But patience is a virtue. Abot tanaw na ang new baby ni iPhone!

Parang nursery lang :) viewing window for now. makakapasok din ako (^.^,)

And I did. 

Dahil nanaman sa kaexcited-an wala ako gaanong pictures nang kaganapan sa loob ng Beyond The Box. Nagenjoy ako masyado sa pag explore ng iPhone6s line. This time, all colors are equally beautiful. Amazing new features awaits the soon to be iPhone6s owners. As for me, Ipon galore pa muna.

+Special perks for iPhone6s Midnight Launch Customers

I had fun at Beyond The Box iPhone6s Midnight Launch at Century City Mall. 
Ikaw, ready ka na magka iPhone6s?
Get yours at Beyond The Box shops near you.

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  1. When kaya tayo mgkkta ulit? I like what you did with your site... the sectioning of each categories like tech, beauty etc... paturo ng actual soon.


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