• ELGON, Professional Hair Color From Milan Now in Manila + Fabulash from Beauty Lane Phils.

    Professional Hair Color by: ELGON 
    Exclusively Distributed by: Beauty Lane Phils.Inc

    For over 40 years, ELGON has been cooperating with Professional hairdressers that believe in the power of beauty and in the creative force of their job.

    Since 1970 from Milan, Italy ELGON developed through the creation and production of effective, delicate and pleasant hair dyes and cosmetics, as well as the provision to salons of specific training and approaches to enhancing beauty.

    Today, ELGON has a footprint in more than 70 countries and owns an innovative training academy in Florence and a technical Center in Milan  

     -Dina De Villa Tobojka President / CEO of Beauty Lane Phils. Inc. 

    Beauty Lane Phils. Inc

    Beauty Lane Phils. Inc invites me and fellow bloggers for a special ELGON experience. Elgon just arrived in Manila fresh from Italy and we are one of the chosen few to try it first (^.^,) 

    Beauty Lane Phils. Inc HQ
    About Beauty Lane Phils. Inc.
    Beauty Lane Philippines is the country's premier professional beauty solutions provider and exclusive distributor of top international beauty brands since 2006
    The Beauty Lane HQ / Training Center at Alabang is NOT your usual Salon. 
    It's actually a Training Center for the hairdressers of Beauty Lane's Clients. Where salon hair dressers to learn techniques and be familiar with Beauty Lane's products.
    Elgon Color Chart

    Elgon Color Chart
    Elgon Color Chart
    Beauty Lane Training Center ( )
    Let's Get This Salon-Party Started!!!
    Elgon Hair Coloring Mixture

    Hair Sectioning
       Foil Hair High Lightening Procedure
    Plus waiting game for the hair coloring mixture to set then hair rinsing.

    Hair Drying  
    and VIOLA!!! 
    My camera didn't capture the best way to showcase how pretty my new hair hi-lites is.
    But promise I will show you how bongga it is as my post go on...
    plus a little magic
    I'm too excited with my hair and didn't catch the "name" of this lil thingy for the hair. It's for the hair follicles I guess or hair strands :P I know somewhere I'm Right hahaha.
    Somehow colors are visible na dabah?
    via mobile phone, nalobat na si slr :(

    That's ME! with my new ELGON hair color hi-lites and Fabulash Extensions :)
    Behind The Scenes of our mala-Salon Party at Beauty Lane's HQ's Training Center



    Steph and boyfie

    Now let me show you the secret of Fabulous lash.
    That is noticeably Fab I must say (^.^,)

    First, I must lay down and close my eyes for 40minutes to 1 hour :)
    trying to be still :)

    Fabulash Eye Lash Extensions
     Let the procedure begin...
     The staff from Beauty Lane put this tape on the lower part of my eyes... eye bags to be exact hahaha
     And one by one she assembles the Fabulash extensions 
    (1:1 ratio of my eyelash hair to fabulash strands )

     please excuse my not so flawless skin :(

    Nakulangan ako sa pix... kaya please allow me to share the photos of  my friend Millie
    Actually madami naman ako pictures kaso nakakailang ipost kasi kita ang pores ng lola nyo hahaha.

    Now here's Millie of notyourordinarymum.com
    Her natural eye lash :)
    fabulash adhesive
    adhering the fabulash strands one at a time

    After almost 1hr of sleeping... este lying... CHARAN!!!
     My Fabulash EyeLash Extensions

     Fabulash Indeed!!!
    Now you know my big secret for last months "Something New About Me" Aura
    My fabulash lasts for a month despite the madalas kong pagkalikot at pag rinse nito.

    Thanks to Beauty Lane Phils. Inc.

     Me, Lee and Shy, Flaunting our Elgonized Hair and Fabulash Extensions

    Me with Ma'am Rebecca Lopez, General Manager of Beauty Lane Phils Inc. Lee, Shy and Millie
    You'll be seeing more of Millie on my next post about FABULASH another Beauty Lane Exclusive.

    Beauty Lane Phils. Inc

     10/F Alabang Business Tower, Acacia Avenue, Madrigal Business Park, 
    Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780 

    Contact Nos. 
    +63 771 0771 | +63 772 0772 | +63 917 707 0707 

    1 week after...

    June 3


    July 12

    Watch out for my Fabulash Eyelash extensions blog post (^.^,)

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