• ZOOPERB Rides in Zoocobia

    Zoomanity Group invited us to Feel The Thrill and experience the newest ride inside Clark, Pampanga
    and it is inside Zoocobia.
    See my first post about Zoocobia here

    Zoocobia is a fun zoo theme park that offers a variety of interesting and enjoyable activities and attractions including the first gravity car ride in the Philippines called the ZOOC ride. Suitable for all ages and will surely give you a thrilling experience.

    Other attractions: Garden Maze, Zoocology Museum, Bird Thrill, Gian Slides, The Barn, Birds of Paradise, Seasonal Bird Shows and close encounter to almost all of the animals at Zoocobia. 

    NOW, Something NEW at ZOOCOBIA...  

    CLARKZILLA Rides Spotted!
    Make way for it :D

    Who's ready for an awesome ride??? I know, I am (^.^,)

    ClarkZilla Rides.
    Bikes and ATV Ride
    Horse and Camel Ride
    4x4 Ride
    Now... who's excited? 
    We are! (^.^,)

    Who's up for a bumpy-exciting-palpitating-ride?

    ZOOPERB 4x4 Ride:
    Off-road 4x4 ride that will surely make you hold on to your seat and scream your heart out! 
    Get the chance to manoeuvre a powerful 4wheel engine in an off-road trail or just enjoy the hype of a very exhilarating ride. Prepare and enjoy the mind blowing drive towards the slopes, mud and terrains using a well secures leisure vehicle. Level up to the extreme with ZOOPER experience by crossing river, lahar and Mt.Pinatubo
    After enjoying the ClarkZilla 4x4 Ride :)
    Who's up for Round 2? ME!!! but maybe next time :P

    Fish Spa
     Bird Thrill
    Bird feeding

    Close Encounter with Animals

     Feeding Time

    Garden Maze

     ZOOC Ride
    Gravity Car

    at... mawawala ba ang pasalubong?
     Souvenier shops just around the corner.

    For more details:
    Zoomanity Group 
    website | facebook page 

    website | facebook page


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