• #VDay2015 at Zoocobia! Love Is In The Air and on The Ground

    Me, DaddyO and some of our blogger friends decided to spend our Vday here at Zoocobia :)
    Love Is In The Air and On the Ground #forAchange
    Zoocobia is located at Clark, Pampanga
    *Photo from Zoocobia website
    Facts about Zoocobia
    Zoocobia  was derived from the names Zooc,Cobi and Bia (3 Owl Icons/Mascots)
    Located on top of Sacobia Valley

    Wondering what to do at Zoocobia?
    Allow me to enumerate...

    Animal Bone & Skin Museum
    This area displays the bones and skins of some animals like Horse, Lioness and Camel
    *stay tuned for a separate post featuring the Animal Bone & Skin Museum.

    Pet Hotel 
    Itsy Bitsy Infos

     ATV Ride

    Giant Fun Slides 

      Bird Thrill
    I Super love this  Bird Thrill Concept of Zoomanity Group!
    This helped me conquer my fear of birds :P
    As I've said sa mga previous post ko, takot ako sa mga animals :P 
    Okey na ako na minamasdan sila from a distance. 
    But being in Zoomanity Parks Changed it! and I love the Close encounter feel!

    Birds of Paradise
    You can have your selfie's with the birds and even get cheek-to-cheek with some :)

     Swing :)
    ang saya ko kaya nung nakita ko toh :P
    yun lang make sure kung malinis or not. 
    akala ko kasi malinis yun (tiningnan ko promise) after ko mag enjoy for 15 minutes
    ayun lupa lupa ang pants ko hahaha :)

     Garden Maze

    Instant Driving Lessons #Charot
     Zooc Ride Gravity Car

    and After 2 hours... here comes EVO #jk 

    Other things to do was the Zing and Ziplining

     The Barn 
     bottle-feeding the baby goat 

    Feeling a bit tired? Rest muna  sa Cobi's Lounge :)

     Fish Spa

    And the afternoon show starts with The Parade of Animals
    Animal Parade Show
    Lightning of the SkyLanterns
    with Evo, Charity and Ace
    Goodluck sa mga wish natin Guys!

    and wait... moment ko toh with DaddyO!
    Our Hopes and Dreams :) 
    Together with other people's prayers, wishes, and hopes and dreams na din :P

    From Zoocobia, LifeOfAci and CtrlAltOsc, Happy Hearts Day Dearies!!!

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    1. Panay panay ang date nyo ni Osckee! Baka masundan si Chloe! hahahaha.

      BOngga nman jan friend! Me Tangled effect pa! Sabeeeeeeeeeee! Me bayad din kaya ang pictorial nila just like Paradizoo>