• FoodTrip at Grande Island Resort

    Aside from the fact that an Island tour consumes a lot of our energy and wala pa jan yung water adventures, malamang mag reklamo din ang katawang lupa namin diba? and I just hear my stomach rumble :P 

    Of course, Nagutom din kami :) and here is what in store at Orchid Graden Restaurant

    Orchid Garden Restaurant
    Open Daily 7am-10pm
     The Resort main outlet that serves delectable fare of local and international cuisines. 
    Perfect dining place for corporate group with its warm ambiance that offers pool and lush garden view.

    Sweet and Sour Fish

    Sinigang na Hipon

    My First Grande Island Meal
    Sweet and Sour Fish, Chopsuey 
    I enjoyed my meal naka 2 and a half rice ata ako :)

    I was late kaya ito na lang ang may picture :P
     Singang na Hipon Ulit :P
    Pork Sinigang

    Pinakbet with Bagnet
    Buttered Garlic Shrimp
    Sweet and Sour Fish
    *di ko na napicturan

    and My Plate
    Buttered Garlic Shrimp
    Sweet and Sour Fish
    Pinakbet with Bagnet

    I didn't for Sinigang na Shrimp and Pork kasi mabenta sa sa group and Ok na ako sa what I have :)
    specially sa Sweet and Sour Fish and Pinakbet with Bagnet


    Buffet Breakfast
    Beef Tapa, Breaded Bangus, Pork Tocino, Mixed Veggies and Garlic Fried Rice
    My Plate :)
    Mixed Veggies
    Pork Tocino
    Beef Tapa
    Garlic Fried Rice

    excuse the mess :) shaky hands

    yey for Omelette Station!
    You can request the "kuya Cook" how you like your omelete done :)
    As for me I like my omelette with 1kg of cheese lol :D

    Ham, Veggies and Cheese Omelette
     Fruit Platter
    dining out-door this time



    Fruit Platter

    My Plate
    Buttered Garlic Shrimp and Pork Steak...
    *diet ako kasi pauwi na kami ng manila.
    Precautionary Measures lol... mahirap na :P

    Check out Grande Island Resort's  Menu

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    1. Wow, the food looks really yummy! Can't wait for your posts about the rooms and activities.

    2. Foods looks delish & healthy. Ang hirap ata mag food tasting ng ganito kadaming servings :D

    3. Mukhang masarap nga yung food. I heard from a friend maganda dito. Would you know their rates?