• Face Anything: Latest Innovation by Kleenex

    Hi Gals! 
    Still feeling kilig about this invite I got :)

    Kleenex Brand Facial Tissue

    For some reason, AYALA is super Traffic that day, that it took me an hour for the usual 5-10 minutes travel time to R Space from Glorietta... sana pala nag lakad na lang ako :P I'm super inis na, because this is the first ever event na malalate ako huhubels. I was praying on the side na sana may mas late pa sakin lol. kidding aside nakarating din sa avenue ang lola nyo :)
    Venue: R Space 
    Good Food, comfy sofa's, cozy blue lighted room, fresh flowers, candles and soothing music. 
    Hmm, Classy Set Up I say :)
     a calm, easy, relaxing vibe.
    Ideal mood for a lil' chat with Kleenex Brand Ambassadors

    Hosted by Ritz Tan -Family Care Senior Brand Manager
    "Softer means cleaner, gentler and refreshing,"
    with cucumber extract we develop a new softer than before Kleenex 
    that's sure to give women a soft gentle clean 
    with Kleenex Brand Ambassadors
     Socialite and Model, Divine Lee
    Fashion Bloggers, Lauren Uy and Nicole Anderson
    VolleyBall Player, Gretchen Ho 
    and Celebrity Mom Cheska Garcia-Kramer

    The Brand Ambassadors (mostly) grew up with Kleenex
    passed on from generations to generations...

    WOW! even for me, nakilala ko lang ang kleenex sa mama ko and Pag sinabing kleenex super soft talaga!
    and because of the latest innovation with Face Anything and Kleenex Facial tissue  with cucumber extract...(^.^,)  the softness that we were used too, is now made even softer and way better. 
    The No.1 Facial Tissue now with Cucumber Extract 
    making it softer ever than before.
    My Kleenex Loot 
    Thank You So Much Kleenex!

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