• FoodTrip: Mr. Fast Foo

    Hi Everyone!
    If you'll noticed food reviews are coming in on my lil page
    I love food, 
    I know if masarap or not because my tatay (lolo) is a kapampangan 
    and masarap talaga magluto) my Pappi (papa) is also good in cooking. 
    kaya I'm exposed sa masasarap na dish #yabang!

    Maarte ako sa pagkain :( 
    that's why I'm a bit unsure if i-push thru ko ba ang food blogging.
    lalo na at di ako magaling sa pag discribe chenez ng food. 
    pero yun nga I just know if masarap or not.
    so idadaan ko na lang sa ratings ah :P 

    Restaurant Name: Mr. Fast Foo
    Location: 2/l University Mall (Taft)
    read more about Mr. Fast Foo here


    I think this restaurant can accommodate 30-50 people

    Spacious right? and may TV! tambay pa more :)
    honestly, there's alot of restaurants inside the university mall, 
    kaya I wonder ano ang edge nila sa competitors, 
    and pano sila mas pipiliin ng mga students who's mostly the customers within the area.

    at the middle of our coverage, nagdadatingan na yung mga students,
    and I asked some of them why nila pinili Mr. Fast Foo than other restaurants sa area.
    answers: fast, affordable, sakto sa budget, masarap, and comfy because of the chairs and TV
    (Movies Galore)

    Orange and Red so catchy!!!
    not the common color combi t'was nice.

    the comfy chairs
    diba it's nice to have a comfy seat, ako before entering any restaurants,
    I always look for the coach or sofa chairs, para relaxed naman.
    but dito sa Mr. Fast Foo, lahat ng chairs comfy :D
    5Points ka jan!

    see the wall decor?, 
    a huge picture of rice meals Mr. Fast Foo offerings.
    picture pa lang tempting na :) 

     you won't miss that RED Menu will you?

    <3 love this orange shade! feels like it's talking to me lol.
    parang na-touched nya heart ko, may ganung factor!

    look! such a cutesy bowl and it's PIIIINNNKK!


    Beef Mami P95.00
    RATINGS: 3/5
    I love MAMI! specially if loaded with sahog :P
    and slightly spicy!

    But this one isn't spicy, dapat ata nanghingi ako sili :P

    Maki Mi P95.00
    RATINGS: 3/5
    First time to hear "maki mi" and I call it pa as maki mami #welga?
    the soup of this mami is kinda thick, tasty! pwedeng iulam :D

    Cuapao P60-65.00

    I'm a siopao kid-of-girl, shyness lang ako to eat this during our food review :P
    nag iisa lang kasi hahahaha.

    Java Rice P25.00
    Plain Rice P20.00

    RATINGS: 3.5/5
    In-Fairnez fluffy ang rice, magandang klase.
    I hate restaurants na sa rice pa lang turn off ka na, lol :D

    Chicken BBQ Rice P90.00
    RATING 3.5/5
    CHICKEN BBQ is one of my many favorites, But this one is done in a Chinese cuisine kind of way.
    and when we say Chinese food alam mo na yung hint ng spices and flavors nila.
    mas bet ko lang talaga yung pinoy style :)

    Tonkatsu P70.00
    RATINGS: 3/5
    medyo bawas ako sa pork lately pero papalampasin ko ba ang chance to try this?
    thinly sliced pork, crunchy pero soft pa din naman ung meat inside.
    ayoko nung mala plywood na sa pagkakaprito :P

    Beef Brisket P119.00
    RATINGS: 4/5
    ay this one I LOVE! an sarap :)
    malambot, and di makunat :P, sakto ang power ng flavor.
    babalikan ko toh promise.

    Soy Chicken P89.00
    RATINGS: 3/5

    Lechon Macau P109.00
    RATINGS 4/5

    Asado P110.00
    RATINGS 4/5
    I love asado :) feel na feel ko ang sauce.
    I think nakalahati ko ang plate na toh :P takaw

    Pork Siomai P55.00
    RATINGS: 3/5

    Kikiam P60.00
    RATINGS: 3/5
    sanay ako sa kikiam sa streets :D and yung sa Kiss na store :P
    kaya di ko nakilala na kikiam pala toh :D
    this is the true blue chinese kikiam ata :)
    Sharksfin Siomai P60.00
    RATINGS 3/5

    Buchi (Flavored)

    If I remember it right there's ube and pandan.
    I got the pandan and I have a thing with buchi :D loved it so much
    RATINGS: 4.5/5

    Almond Lychee P30.00
    RATINGS 5/5
    Lemon Iced Tea
    RATINGS: 3/5

    I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed being there at Mr. Fast Foo :)
    will definitely visit them again and I can't wait to get me another set of Almond Lychee Cooler, Beef Brisket Rice Meal and buchi!!! yay drooling now :P


    Contact Details:
    UNIVERSITY MALL   +63 708 06 36

    UST MANILA   +63 255 45 44

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    1. Nappaisip ako kung magkano na baon ng students ngayon, mukhang di pang students ang price sa kin kasi ang layo sa P35 - P50 meal ko dati. hahaha

    2. You had me at cuapao and comfy chairs! Everything looks good ; )


    3. Wow! I'd love to try their Lechon Macau and Beef Mami!

    4. Looks yummy and the prices are affordable :)

    5. Must be delicious to eat there. Parang ang sarap ng noodles!

    6. They do look very affordable, now that I've seen the prices. Interior-wise, I like those trendy couches, ang cute!

    7. Wow, this branch is in UM! I haven't been to UM since I graduated from college. Haha! But I used to frequent the restos at that mall when I was still studying. Now I'm reminiscing!

      1. Me too! :) I don't think I will still recognize UM with all the new restaus and shops inside.

    8. Natuwa ako sa name ng place. :) Napakagaling talaga mag isip ng pinoy. Ang nice ng chairs. GUsto ko itry yung lechon macau, putok batok. Masarap yung buchi nila?

    9. Grabe ang ganda ng tables and chairs!!! High quality ang datingan!!! Can't believe pinoy may ari ng mr. foo ... pang chinese o japanese kasi ang name eh :O

    10. Ang daming pagkain sa blog mo kakagutom :D sana mag branch out pa sila :D


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