• HR's Newest Bff "SALARIUM"

    Salarium Invited Tech Bloggers for a demonstration as they were proud to announce a new series of app that enable fingerprint biometric scanning as a form of verification in its SAL Time software. 

    Salarium is a tech startup founded in 201 3 that aims to offer optimal enterprise resource planning solutions. It has currently released SAL Payroll which consists of three modules: Expenses, Pay, Time Attendance and Scheduling. 

    Salarium Founder- CEO Judah Hirsch

    Device with Finger-Print Scanner

    demonstrated how a business can track the attendance of their employees real-time with the integration of SAL Time system on to android biometric devices.

    on Mobile Phone 
    SALARIUM is and APP available at Google Play
    (For Android Phones Only- for now)

    Yes this is new for me because I'm only familiar to softwares in Cd's  :P
    and ang app lang for me are games, photo editor,facebook and instagram :) 

    and The Q&A's Starts

    medyo di pa din ako makarelate sa terms pero the whole concept of SALARIUM is making Human Resources Dept' work's a breeze and MIS staff in danger or even HR's, kidding aside, pero yun ang naisip ko hahahah.

    I asked hubby: Is that a threat on your end? hahahaha kasi HR wont be needing you na?
    or the company might reduce workforce and invest on this na lang cutting down HR people :P

    and hubby said: di naman ito lang ang work ko :P mababawasan pero di pa din. isa lang yan sa gawain pero di makakapilay :P

    infairness confident :) and I said what is the app kung walang connections, Internet Connections BOOM!

    so meaning HR and mababawasan ng workload or staff heheheh :) charot!


    Salarium provides optimal payroll software that assists professionals in performing all major and minor HR functions. It is a cloud-based payroll system that simplifies complex payroll processes without cutting corners.

    Businesses can now manage their payroll system through an effective, comprehensive solution that is affordable and easy to understand. You can use the software immediately after purchase.

    After setting up your company’s information and payroll rules, Salarium cuts the rest of the process down into 5 simple steps:

    Creation of a time sheet by either importing or uploading data
    Payroll processing and creation of payroll data
    Exporting/Emailing payslips
    Export bank file or bank data
    Creation of government forms for export

    Read Full Description of Salarium Features at https://www.salarium.com/payroll_overview

    Automatic Payroll Processing
    Salarium makes payroll processing simple and convenient. All in one tab, you can compute for employee salary, deduct taxes/government dues, and generate bank advice forms. We offer an effective and efficient way of accomplishing payrolls that is automated and 100% error free. Whether processing for 10 employees or 10,000, our Payroll System can process transactions immediately.

    Government Forms

    Time, Attendance, Scheduling

    Multiple Time-Entry

    Expense Filing

    Employee Self-Service

    Workflow Customization





    201 Files
    One of the main roles of the 201 File is to keep track of the employee records. These 201 Files can now be stored, retrieved, and updated to generate payrolls without any hassle. Salarium lets HR professionals manage the most essential records of employees efficiently online.

    One CSV file contains Employee 201 Information such as:

    Employee application form/resumes
    Employment contracts
    Official transcript of records/diplomas/certificates
    Certificates of employment
    Birth certificate
    Leave credits (Vacation and Sick Leaves)
    Employment evaluations
    Withholding tax certificates
    Resignation letter/Termination letter
    Clearance form

    Other related documents

    Announcements and Messaging
    Provide a better communication outlet for your company with Salarium’s announcements and messaging features, the most effective way of sending messages and receiving feedback in a timely and efficient manner.

    With Salarium, HR managers and supervisors can

    Quickly transmit news and memos to specific groups or individuals

    Post job openings on a company- wide announcement board for faster recruitment, selection and hiring process.

    Mobile Device Ready
    Salarium is Mobile Ready, the first in the world to provide a topnotch mobile version of its payroll system app. Its “selfie” and geofencing technology allows users to time in and time out, file leave, request loans, overtime, expenses, bonuses, commissions. The supervisor or manager can also approve requests via mobile phone which calculates into the payroll runs

    Salarium is continuously working on additional solutions and have been recognized when the tech company was named, “Best Startup in the Philippines” at Seedstars World Manila 2014. In February next year, Salarium will represent the country at the competition’s Final Event in Geneva, Switzerland.

    astig diba?
    But seriously this app is worth it, making Employees and HR communication so easy.
    To know more about what Salarium can offer visit their websites provided below this post.

    Know more about the SALPayroll here

    For Interested Businesses,
    a 30-Day free trial account can be automatically accessed from www.salarium.com

    To know more about the advanced payroll tools made possible by Salarium, visit www.salarium.com.

    For a free demo request, send an email to info@salarium.com


    1. hmm.. this is interesting.. well on my end. LOL. Aci, would you know if they also offer, ESS (Employee Self Service) this way we can eliminated printing memo, leaves, announcements etc?

      Also, can we assign a certain workflow for a specific process, ex. leave application, training requests.


      1. Yes Ma'am She! was about to message you na nga :) pwede ka nang work-from-home hahahah
        Havey sila nyang ESS :D

    2. Hi Aci,

      Would you know how much it costs? The HR part of me is very much interested. :)

      1. wait lang ma'am she :) imessage ko ang ceo close kami charot! baka may referral fee chaching!

      2. Hi again Ma'am She! price posted here https://www.salarium.com/payroll_price
        You can avail the product for Php 175.00 or 4$ per user per month.
        You could also sign- up for trial before you buy.

    3. true. By the way, I can't open the link for the free trial. :)

      1. wait pa assist ako ke BFF Salarium Marketing Manager Chris :)
        will get back to you in a bit :)

    4. ang ganda naman ng mga techy gadgets na yan :) lalo na yung Device with Finger-Print Scanner meron palang brand na nagfofocus sa betterment ng mga HR people