• Aqua Mineral Event

    Years ago I discovered their Nail Care Kit and it's FANTABULOUSLY AWESOME!!!!

    Aqua Mineral Nail Care kit to Review Soon...
    and please watch out for my detailed post about this event too.

    Note: This post is just a teaser :)

    Aqua Mineral is a complete beauty care line based on the dead sea wonder, 
    created to promote the skin’s well being and counteract the effects of ageing.
                                                                                    -Aqua Mineral Facebook Page

    for now, let me give you a hint of what happened during the Aqua Mineral Event

    Venue: Gramercy Cafe

    The Men of Aqua Mineral 

    and the Rose among the torns

    The Blogger Crowd

    Aqua Mineral Skin Care Product Presentation


    can you find me???

    CLUE: I'm the one wearing black at the back
    Oh! I'm the one at the back... of the camera :P

    That's it for now, Thanks for Visiting my Page

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    1. I commented here before....Im reallly soooooo loving this, can't wait for the giveaway! yiiii

    2. Ang gaganda po ng items ng aqua mineral sis aci... bago lang po bang product to?

      1. 10 years na sila in the bizz, and I think 3-4 years na sila sa philippines.