• Winner at BellaBox Asia #BBSummerFresh Instagram Contest

    BellaBox Asia had this Instagram contest couple of months ago and sinuwerte ang lola nyo :P

    and yesterday si manong courier kumatok and di sya si manong xend na usual na napunta samin.
    ang lolo mo pinoy pero international package ang dala - haha wala lang may masabi lang :D
    so ito na nga...

    My First International Prize -galing lang namang Singapore

    By the way I was informed that the item would reach me by November 4 pa but I got it already!
    after our exchange of DM's and email I think they already shipped it out. and Viola! it landed on my doorsteps couple of days ago. Surprise!!!  

    package arrived...

    I was expecting the blue box with white dots design, but this is it. a brown box.
    But I'm not hating it :) actually I have a thing for brown box and paper bags. 
    This just mean that they recycle paper and it's a good thing. 
    Let's Help preserve Mother Earth in Every way possible.

    "Be beautiful, surprise yourself"

    and this says "HI!"
    isn't this cute? I love the colors and the ziggy-zag pattern (ziggy-zag talaga?)
    and that's an eco bag pala... saya!

    and here a peek of the contents :D

    It's actually lacking 2 items if you compared their picture to what I received.
    I email them about it and they replied agad. They said they we're sorry about it and will have the items shipped out the soonest possible time :) what a fast response from their team :D taray! 

    and after a couple of days...

    here it is!!!


    and BellaBox paper pouch with built in bubble wrap :P
    and  cutesy hand written note

    and now that they are complete...

    FAMILY SHOT of my BellaBox #BBSummerFresh Prize!!!

    -I'm Lovin' them already and cant wait for BellaBox Asia Philippines.
    yeah you read it right! they are going to Philippines soon :)


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    1. woah! your so blessed Ms.Aci :) and the box looks familiar? hehehehe :)

      1. di naman :) sakto lang, dumating na ba your prize? :D

    2. The lippie looks nice. Ganda din ng color. Congrats Ms. Aci. Galing nmn.


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