• Review: Snoe Beauty Bar

    Having a lot of pimples lately and di na sya kinakaya ng usual regimen ko :(
    I'm not into make-ups talaga before kaya siguro pimples are here to say HI! hahaha
    and maybe parang Mr. Right din ang make-up and skin care products., I havent found the right one for me pa hahaha :D
    lately I promise to myself na timeout muna sa makeups and kung anik-anik na samples/trial on my face.
    napapadalas na kasi ang irritation ng lola nyo :D
    kaya when october starts, I also start using the Snoe Beauty Sleep Beauty Bar
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    Initial Results? here's what I say:
    Price: 199.00 I'm not so sure  :) medyo pricey dabah? sana worth it... #abangan :)
    a. packaging: 5/5
    b. bar: 4/5
    edgy! literally :) gives an impression of handmade soap and made with love
    color is nice too! I like it
    I like the imprints on it. I find it cute and resembles one of my favorite childhood games called "jack stones" but hubby said its an asterisk :P I wonder who's right  :D
    Scent: 2/5
    not so mabango actually :( pero keri naman for me.
    pst! smells like sabon panlaba nung bata ako, remember PERLA? only 80's kids can relate :D
    but this also gives an impression na it's made safe, no harsh chemicals churva right?
    (judging this base on my 8th day using this soap 3/5)
    easy to lather, bubbles galore.
    on my first wash I was expecting it to sting but it didn't, I felt the tingling effect on my 3rd-4th try.
    my pimples now are turning dry. (but not as fast as my pimple gel, but that pimple gel lost its magic on me na:( )
    will update this soon...
    I just hope my pimples will be gone for good.
    This is NOT an anti acne soap.
    This is an ANTI-Aging Soap
    but still wanting to see its power on me.
    plus it has an Ingredient called MACA ROOT as an anti acne thingy.
    abangan ang susunod na kabanata :D

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    1. ang cute naman ng packaging nyan sis may circus-y vibe siya tapos sakop na sakop ng sabon yung box niya kaya para sakin tamang tama lang yung presyo niya :)