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    I'm so lucky sa raffles lately and got to take home a couple of browhaus gift certificates.
    1. Complimentary Upper Lip Threading (this one I got as a prize on one of the games in BDJ Passion Series)
    2. 500.00 BrowHaus (my raffle prize)
    I'm the one in Black top :) / Photo from Browhaus Manila Facebook Page
    having second thoughts on availing the service, scared because it'll be my first time for upper lip threading
    and it might be too painful for me.
    but as all gc's we know.. it has expiration dates and I don't want to miss the chance *this FREE chance to avail it hahahaha.
    I availed it last August,  at Greenbelt
    We were ask to wait for awhile because every booth is occupied.
    The Ambiance:
    Green, as in Apple green if I remember it right :D
    I don't know if this is just me or what but I kinda felt that we were on a submarine-ish atmosphere *kulit lang
    photo from browhaus facebook page
    what's inside the browhaus cubicle
    comfy chair
    picture from browhaus facebook page
    Upper Lip Threading:
    it's really ouchy... (my first time) nakakapanibago actually :) and natibok yung upper lip ko after hahaha
    Brow Construction:
    it's ouchy too!!! 2nd time ko na toh,my first try was sa ibang salon.
    but I must say it's worth it. for 598.00 your brows will definitely look better right after
    methods use was threading, plucking, shaving and trimming
    *compared to the other salon's brow threading service I like browhaus more, yes it's pricey but you can see a better brow works than others.
    will upload this soon :)
    and my my Chloe loves Browhaus/Strip's Jenny
    ipod 625 ipod 621

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