Thursday, October 23, 2014

Family-Size Food Trip: Best Food Forward 2014

Hi Guys I'm Back :)
eto na nga ang second installment ng Best Food Forward Experience ko :)
the hanging question was: Ano ang uunahin ko?
Answer is: Ang Mag Picture Galore  :)

here's a quick tour

Takoyaki Craze :)
This is my son's favorite :P di ko na napicturan kasi nilafang na nya agad :)
Price is P65-80/4-5pc ata yun cant remember na kasi nilafang na nga agad :)

Bread Sticks and Cookies

Mini Cheese-Cakes

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes, Brownies and other Baked Goodies!

I was hesitant to try this because i kind-off already know how it would taste ( via imagination hahahaha) but the colours are so inviting so I gave in. acnd this is not your ordinary Puto Flan ah!
it's flavoured and tastes good too! My kids love it. 
Price: P160/16pc

Specialty Cookies :)

Another Baked Goodies!!! 
Tried their Red Velvet Crinkles and its super yummy!!!
Price: P40/pc

The Bald Baker with his fast selling cookies

Dark Chocolate Cake

And The Super Hit that Day!
Price: P200/order

Fruit Stand Spotted with My Eldest :)
Cherry Apple! or Apple Cherry? ah basta still an Cutie and people say it's yummy.

another cutie pie here :) cute size samples of cheesecakes

Charles likes it :)
Price: P100/slice

Kashi Maki
Price: P45/pc 

nasabi ko na bang sweets sila ang not sushi/maki eklavoo :D
ang galing!!!

cant get enough...
picture pah!

hanggang picture lang :)
iwas munsa sa sweets :D

it's a CRABBY PATTY!!! hahahaha 
Price: P185.00

and nakaramdam na sila nang gutom...


turo lang nang turo :)

still on daddy O's bday week kaya galante pa sya :P

glitter tattoo for kids 

best food forward spoon and fork :)

They really love the Puto Flan!

Paella Negra
Price: P185.00

Price: P185.00


Special Iced Tea
Price: P60.00

and That's it :) 
Our First Family-Size Best Food Forward Experience
Special Thanks to Ms. Glenda Candedeir because of you naging family sized ang tour na toh :)
and Thanks Nuffnang Philippines for my tickets

Thank you for visiting my little page. Tell me what your think about my posts by leaving some comments. It'll be nice to hear from you.


  1. ang ganda naman ng PUTO FLAN!!! napaka inviting ng colors :D multi-colored flans <3 something na kakaiba... plus natawa ako sa name ng The BALD BAKER hahahaha niliteral talaga ng owner yung name ng business niya hehehe


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