• Family-Size Food Trip: Best Food Forward 2014

    Hi Guys I'm Back :)
    eto na nga ang second installment ng Best Food Forward Experience ko :)
    the hanging question was: Ano ang uunahin ko?
    Answer is: Ang Mag Picture Galore  :)

    here's a quick tour

    Takoyaki Craze :)
    This is my son's favorite :P di ko na napicturan kasi nilafang na nya agad :)
    Price is P65-80/4-5pc ata yun cant remember na kasi nilafang na nga agad :)

    Bread Sticks and Cookies

    Mini Cheese-Cakes

    Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes, Brownies and other Baked Goodies!

    PUTO FLAN!!!
    I was hesitant to try this because i kind-off already know how it would taste ( via imagination hahahaha) but the colours are so inviting so I gave in. acnd this is not your ordinary Puto Flan ah!
    it's flavoured and tastes good too! My kids love it. 
    Price: P160/16pc

    Specialty Cookies :)

    Another Baked Goodies!!! 
    Tried their Red Velvet Crinkles and its super yummy!!!
    Price: P40/pc

    The Bald Baker with his fast selling cookies

    Dark Chocolate Cake

    And The Super Hit that Day!
    Price: P200/order

    Fruit Stand Spotted with My Eldest :)
    Cherry Apple! or Apple Cherry? ah basta still an Cutie and people say it's yummy.

    another cutie pie here :) cute size samples of cheesecakes

    Charles likes it :)
    Price: P100/slice

    Kashi Maki
    Price: P45/pc 

    nasabi ko na bang sweets sila ang not sushi/maki eklavoo :D
    ang galing!!!

    cant get enough...
    picture pah!

    hanggang picture lang :)
    iwas munsa sa sweets :D

    it's a CRABBY PATTY!!! hahahaha 
    Price: P185.00

    and nakaramdam na sila nang gutom...


    turo lang nang turo :)

    still on daddy O's bday week kaya galante pa sya :P

    glitter tattoo for kids 

    best food forward spoon and fork :)

    They really love the Puto Flan!

    Paella Negra
    Price: P185.00

    Price: P185.00


    Special Iced Tea
    Price: P60.00

    and That's it :) 
    Our First Family-Size Best Food Forward Experience
    Special Thanks to Ms. Glenda Candedeir because of you naging family sized ang tour na toh :)
    and Thanks Nuffnang Philippines for my tickets

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    1. ang ganda naman ng PUTO FLAN!!! napaka inviting ng colors :D multi-colored flans <3 something na kakaiba... plus natawa ako sa name ng The BALD BAKER hahahaha niliteral talaga ng owner yung name ng business niya hehehe