If you are looking for a Multi Device Keyboard and Mouse Combo, you should check this Rapoo 9500M now! Rapoo 9500M offers connection flexibility to multiple devices at the same time through its Bluetooth and wireless technology. 

You can connect the Rapoo 9500M to 3 separate devices via bluetooth and easily switch over by just pressing FN+1/2/3 once you have connected the devices. You can also use the keyboard mouse combo from Rapoo with non - bluetooth devices as long as it has a USB port via its wireless dongle connectivity.    

Work or play, the Rapoo 9500M can support all your needs with its full size keyboard with num pad and programmable mouse with 6 customizable keys. The mouse also has 4-levels of DPI (600/1000/1300/1600) that you can customize to your needs.

  • Multi-device Connection Wireless Combo RAPOO 9500M both the mouse and the keyboard can be connected using Bluetooth at the same time, and three devices can be connected. The keyboard can be switched by FN+1/2/3; the device can be switched by the Bluetooth button at the bottom of the mouse; it is very suitable for people who use multiple devices for office work.

  • 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo The RAPOO 2.4GHz Transmission Technology can provide anti-interference stable transmission and make sure you to enjoy the wireless freedom, just plug and play, no driver or software required. The 2.4GHz technology ensures a strong and reliable connection within 10-meter working range. The USB receiver is plugged into the battery compartment of the mouse.

  • Full Size Wireless Keyboard  Standard US layout (QWERTY) with number pad, each key is independently and appropriately spaced to prevent hitting the wrong key simultaneously. 12 multimedia hotkeys combined help you to play music and movie, browse the web, open email and more, extremely convenient and efficient. The scissor foot design and chocolate keycaps can effectively reduce keyboard noise and bring you a comfortable experience.

  • Programmable Wireless Mouse The RAPOO wireless mouse has 6 customizable programming keys. You can download custom macro software on the RAPOO official website, bringing a personalized experience to your office or game. DPI adjustable mouse delivers 4-level of DPI (600/1000/1300/1600) to cater for your different needs in sensitivity

  • Long Battery Life The ergonomic wireless keyboard is powered by 2 AAA batteries support 12 months, and the wireless mouse is powered by 1 AA battery support 12 months (batteries are pre-included). Both mouse and keyboard have an on/off switch, turn them off when not use.

What I like about the Rapoo 9500M? 

  1. Sleek, Slim, and Stylish 
  2. Plug & Play + Multi Device
  3. Matchy-matchy and works with my Ipad
  4. Multimedia Hotkeys
  5. Chiclet Keys / Clicky Keyboard
  6. Looks so Sturdy & Premium with its Aluminum Alloy Base
  7. Bluetooth Connectivity *Up to 3 devices
  8. USB Receiver for Non Bluetooth Device  

What's in the box?

  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Receiver (USB)
  • 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries for the keyboard
  • 2 AA Alkaline Batteries for the mouse
  • Quick Start Guide

How I use it at Home?

  • Paired it with my Ipad (definetly cheaper than the magic keyboard right?)
  • Paired it with my Laptop (to save my laptop's keys from the gamer kids)
  • I put the USB Receiver on our Smart TV for easy typing of titles and searches instead of the usual TV remote
  • Backup keyboard for everyone at home

The Rapoo 9500M Multi-Device Keyboard and Mouse combo is available at Rapoo Official Store in Shopee | PC EXpress | Complink | Silicon Valley for Php1,970.00