Solbac Disinfectant Spray
Solbac Disinfectant Spray

Excited much for the coming holidays this year because finally, we can have gatherings and family reunions na ulit! But being a mom with 3 kids, kailangan malupit pa din tayo sa germs and viruses, and have you ever wonder na kahit anong linis mo may certain smell pa din na di mawala-wala? Well, that problem was solved, Kaya naman I'm happy to share these tips as I show you this special kit I got from Solbac

Solbac will give every mom and everyone who worries about disinfecting their homes regularly a peaceful mind as welcome guests and relatives these coming holidays! Solbac's 3-in-1 action kills 99.9% of common germs and viruses, can eliminate unpleasant odors, and instantly freshens the air inside your home. 

Solbac offers a wide range of cost-effective solution products to maintain a healthy and germ-free household. 

How to defend your home from germs, viruses, and odor problems#DisinfectAndDefendWithSolbac 

Mommy Aci's Tip No. 1 Use Disinfectant Spray with Nice Scents. Not all disinfectant sprays give out a pleasant scent after use. Some may be too strong, and some give a weak scent that makes you spray again and again. Kaya, you gotta make sure to choose products na super worth it. Lavender scents are one of my favorite scents. It has a soothing and calming effect on me and my fam. That's why I always have lavender candles, soaps, perfumes, and even the Solbac Disinfectant Spray in Lavender Mist

Mommy Aci Tip No.2 Don't be afraid to try on something new, like New Scents. Solbac keeps introducing new products, and look what we have here! New disinfectant scents in Citrus and Greens! Being a fan of everything that smells nice, I tried it right away and this was good too! Instantly freshens and gives a different vibe at home, and it smells super refreshing lalo na if you love Citrus scents. I highly recommend using different scents at home to simply set the mood and get your senses up for an aromatic adventure. I use Solbac Disinfectant Spray on my living room curtains, bedroom pillows, office, and gaming chair, and even in the kitchen area before and after cooking. 

Solbac Disinfectant Spray
Solbac Disinfectant Spray Citrus and Greens
Solbac Disinfectant Spray in Citrus & Greens My new fave scent!

Mommy Aci's Tip No.3 Go Extra on your Toilet Part 1. Use Solbac Toilet Bowl Foam Cleaner. This is an aerosol foam toilet cleaner that provides anti-bacterial protection. The powerful foam lifts away grime and effectively removes stains and dirt It is also a disinfectant that is highly active against a wide range of germs. Since the product is in aerosol format, you can expect little to no leaks of the product while in use, as opposed to liquid toilet cleaners.

Mommy Aci's Tip No. 4 Go Extra on your Toilet Part 2!  Yes, Oh Yes!!! After linisin ng bongga ang inyong mga CR I'm sure nilalagyan nyo pa yan ng mga deodorizer to keep it smelling nice and clean. But here's another way to solve and even prevent that stinky problem sa comfort room by using Solbac Toilet Drops

Solbac toilet drops
Solbac toilet drops

Solbac Toilet DropsThis is the cutest product from Solbac. It is a toilet disinfectant and odor deodorizer in 1. Disinfects toilet water spot and deodorizes it. So cute and tiny that I can put it in my bag and use it whenever I use public restrooms when I go out for errands.

With this mas mapapanatiling germ-free and inyong toilet bowl for a longer period. Honestly, this is a new discovery for me. Noong una nga di ko alam san ko ba ipapatak :P Kidding aside, I think this is meant for the water spot of our toilet bowls. I put 2 drops and was amazed na may naamoy akong mabango. And I realized bagay to sa maarte like me na duda much to use sa mga public comfort rooms. Kasi sa cutesy size nitong Solbac Toilet Drop you can bring this with you + disinfecting wipes, Solbac's new product for extra peace of mind when using restrooms when you go out, right? 

Mommy Aci Tip No.5 Use Disinfecting Wipes. I always use disinfecting wipes whenever I go out for errands.  I use it to disinfect the toilet seats when I use one at the mall, or the grocery cart handle before and after I use it. Then my shoes, and bags, upon entering our home, and also disinfect our groceries once I arrange them on our cabinets. Not only that, I use it too for disinfecting our smartphones, gadgets, and keyboard. Cleaning our kitchen appliances and more! 

Solbac disinfecting wipes
Solbac disinfecting wipes

Solbac Disinfecting Wipes is a multi-purpose disinfectant wipe that can be used for any hard surface. It can be used anywhere, whether at home (for the kitchen, tables, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) or even when leaving the house i.e. using public toilets in malls, opening doors (doorknobs), disinfecting tables when eating out, etc. It contains benzalkonium chloride and alcohol which kills 99.9% of germs and viruses. Available in 12 pulls & 50 pulls packs.

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2. Citrus & Green Disinfecting Spray
3. Toilet Foam Cleaner
4. Toilet Drops
5. Disinfecting Wipes 12s | 50s

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