Hey there mommies,  how's your mommy-mode goin on? Summer is almost over, but sadly we didn't hit any beach this season, playing it safe at home pa rin being a team bahay. But even though we are just at home, we manage to keep things fun pa din naman. We watch tv series,  anime, movies, and even bake some cookies, We also play games online and love bonding with our pet birdies. Oh, diba? told yah it was fun! 

New Uni-Love Product Alert  to Launch Exclusively on Shopee this May 19!

But happy babies and kiddies is equaled to pawisang at madungis na bata, plus dirty clothes, and pansin nyo ba na mas wiwi'in sila pag super happy?  Good thing that with got Unicare products at home because you'll never have to worry about your child's safety and protection even for the whole family. 

There's UniLove Airpro Baby Diaper 30's (Newborn) a super absorbent core, keeping your babies' skin comfortable and dry. UniLove Chubby Baby Wipes (Sumo) 80's Pack of 3 is a must-buy wipes for me. this is also a super must-have for moms at home and lalo na sa mga lalabas with babies and kids, this is packed talaga of good quality wipes and the laman is siksik and SUMO-sulit!  

New Uni-Love Product Alert  to Launch Exclusively on Shopee this May 19!

How about a New Product Alert? Watch out for New Uni-love Milk Detergent Bottle up to 40% off on May 19 only at Shopee's Brand Spotlight! UniLove Baby Laundry Detergent 1.2L Bottle (Milk Scent)  is made of natural ingredients, and essential oil, making it best for babies with sensitive skin.

Shopee made it super easy to stock up on baby essentials! Plus we get to enjoy freebies or discounts pa!

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