Culture Blends is one of my favorite instant coffee mixes! This is the perfect coffee fix for someone who craves flavor, creamy, and variety in coffee. Can match anyone's daily routine. For those who want it fast and always on the go, a quick coffee mix is super handy!  Also, ideal for people working at home who crave an easy yet flavorful cup of coffee. 

But wait, aside from the 3 coffee offerings they have, Culture Blends is introducing a new addition to its coffee collection! This March 14, skip the brew and make your coffee time a tad more exciting with Culture Blends' newest Coffee Bags launching on Shopee's Brand Spotlight!  

Skip the Brew with Culture Blends and enjoy a taste of London, only at Shopee's Brand Spotlight! 

Yas! with Culture Blends English Creamy & Culture Blends English Style Roast you can steep your way to a fresh quality black coffee! That's right, tea isn't the only thing you can have steeped! 

Take a trip around the world just with your daily cup of coffee! #SkipTheBrew with Culture Blends, the FIRST and ONLY 2-in-1 & 3-in-1 coffee in a bag right here in the Philippines! Never let a busy day or a coffee machine stop you from enjoying some quality coffee!

Culture Blend's New Product Alert!

  1. Culture Blends English Creamy 3 in 1 
  2. Culture Blends English Style Roast 2in1 

Culture Blends English Creamy 3in1 in Steeped Single-Serve Bag: With Culture Blends English Creamy 3-in-1, experience coffee in true English fashion and a unique blend of instant brewed coffee, cream, and sugar!

Culture Blends English Style Roast 2in1 in Steeped Single-Serve Bag: Fall in love with London with an intense black coffee minus the brewing, only with Culture Blends English Style Roast 2-in-1!

Get it both here: Culture Blends English Creamy Culture Blends English Style Roast 

Culture Blends English Creamy & Culture Blends English Style Roast is available in a box of  10's sachets, unlike the previous variant that comes in a box of 7's. Yay for more Coffee!

Check this classic Culture Blends 3-in 1 Coffee faves at 10% off! 

Italian Creamy |  America Blend |  Belgian Delight also available in 30's bag!

And keep your eyes open for the flash deals!