5 Interior Design Ideas To Consider When Building Your Home

What is interior design? Interior design or interior decorating is the process and art of designing the inside part of a certain room, house, or building, normally done by a professional interior decorator/designer. These days, people are so into it and proudly flaunting the process may it be done DIY, from a trending inspo found online, creating their very own home improvement projects or with the help from interior designers, professionals, and other specialists. Because aside from sparing us with the labor and the other process, I'm sure that when it's done by the experts, the outcome will be definitely worth it!

Is Interior Decorating an important thing to consider when building or buying your new or next home? YES, because a well-planned interior design in a or certain room or home can already improve or maximize the use of just about any space. Just like these awesome Homes For Sale in Vancouver. I believe that it should be planned thoroughly for also, there are a lot of factors to consider other than the design itself, like the allotted budget, location, amount of space, even the weather, function, purpose, and your personality. 

If you are just getting started or planning to build or buy your own home, here are just some of the top interior design styles, and ideas that you may want to check and consider. 

Interior Design Ideas - Modern Style

Modern. Feels boxy for me but in a posh, and fab way. Flat roofs, big glass windows, and that eye-popping, jaw-dropping, open floor plan design. This is also said to be the most expensive design on energy-efficient my list because of the needed structures for building this home. But also the most sustainable and energy-efficient one since we now have better options for lighting, materials, and fixtures. And with that, a home built from a modern design is also tagged as an Eco-Friendly home.

Color Pallete: White, Gray, Black, Blue, and Cream
Vibe: Clean, Uncluttered, and Posh.

Interior Design Ideas - Minimalist Style

Minimalist. Because "The best things in life aren't the things"  and "focus on what's important" this home design is so liberating for most of us because the very first step to achieving a minimalist home is to declutter. Personally, I really like this one but I'm still working my way on how to choose the things that spark joy and whatnot achieving, and you all know the drill of how this thing works right?  This one is still a work in progress for me. But for those who already jumped in the minimalist side, all I hear were good reviews and how empowering, less distracted, and more focused they have been, ever! What makes a minimalist home? Just Bare Essentials. 

Color Pallete: White, Grey, Black
Vibe: Clean, Clutter-free, and Simple.

Interior Design Ideas - Bohemian or Boho Style

Bohemian aka Boho Style is an unconventional, artsy, interpretation of your very own taste. No rules, just you. Mostly, white, and bright. Incorporate handmade and vintage pieces, sheer or lace curtains, carpets, or textured area rugs, cushions, or a tatami for low-seating, framed patterns, photos, minimalist art pieces, or doodles. Best with awesome natural light, plants, and more plants. This type of interior design suits home with large windows, white walls, and carefree homeowners who love a simple, and relaxed lifestyle with or without plants.

Color Pallete: Earthy Colors
Vibe: Care-free, Unconventional, Warm

Interior Design Ideas - Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic. A dainty, dreamy, and romantic vibe from the U.K. that is more than just florals, pastels, textures, and yes, a classic from the '80s. Incorporate it with vintage items like tea sets, rotary dial telephone, and score antique furniture and I'm sure the vibe is complete and feels like any moment you'll be ready to have tea with the Queen.

Color Pallete: Pastels, with Silver or Gold, 
Vibe: Clean, Warm, and Inviting

Interior Design Ideas - Scandinavian

Scandinavian. For me, a Scandinavian style for a home is a team-up between modern and minimalistic design. It's neat, sleek, and simply elegant. The wood element is always in the picture may it be a simple décor, accent piece, the wall, or even the floor. Also, a decorative pendant light is a must for statement, and the inclusion of gadgets and gizmos with great functionality but never lacking in beauty. 

Color Pallete: White, Gray, Black, Blue, and Cream
Vibe: Clean, Warm, and Inviting

Interior Design is a must and more than just a trend in building your new home.
Even a simple color update can boost your mood and lighten up the vibe.
It saves you time, money, and effort most particularly if done by the industry experts.

And the most important part of all...
It creates a well-curated space that is appealing yet safe for you or your family.

Choose from the top interior design styles like Modern, Minimalist, Bohemian, Scandinavian, or Shabby Chic, and more.

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