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Lactum is your partner for all-around development for your kid! Also helps support child’s All-Around Development in Immunity, Brain, and Bones with proper nutrition and stimulation.

Lactum 3+ has key nutrients for Immunity, Brain and Bones.

For IMMUNITY. Vitaminized with Vitamin C plus Prebiotic Inulin to help support immunity. Prebiotic Inulin promotes good bacteria for a healthy tummy. Source of Vitamin E, Zinc, and a source of Vitamin A, Selenium that strengthen your child’s immune system for stronger resistance to common infections. For the BRAIN. Provides 3.9 mg/serve of DHA and is a high source of Iron and Iodine for the development and functioning of the brain. For the BONES. Lactum 3+ is a high source of Calcium which is necessary for bone health and Vitamin D to support bone development.


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