Pizza lover’s dream come true: Corner Pizza’s New Detroit Style Pizza

Do you love pizza that much that you are always up to try what new? and super excited to taste of the latest offerings? Well, Me too! Pizza is one of the most raved food around the planet, and with good reason too! Aside from being delicious, it's super filling and readily available in a wide range of palate-pleasing crusts and toppings.

Have you tried The Detroit Style Pizza? It is one of the most sought-after pizza crusts today, bringing out the best and full experience true pizza lovers long for. With its distinctive rectangular, thick-crust, crispy, and chewy pizza baked with edge-to-edge cheese, tomato sauce on top, and other toppings, Detroit Style pizza was built for savoring.


Thicky, chewy, and cheesy Detroit Style Pizza — Pepperoni
Corner Pizza’s chewy, cheesy, and crusty Detroit Style Pizza - Pepperoni

Corner Pizza’s New Detroit Style Pizza – Pepperoni is made extra thick with 50% more cheese. Topping it with 50 flavorful pepperoni slices on a chewy and cheese-crusted pizza crust layered with rich tomato sauce, making it a 100% pizza love experience!


Wondering what makes Detroit Style pizza unique from other types of pizza?

  1. Crispy Cheesy Crusted Edge. Cheddar crust to give that extra cheesy crunch! 
  2. 50% More Cheese. Double layer of mozzarella and cheddar cheese for a cheesy pizza experience.
  3. Topped with Rich Tomato Sauce. Made richer with an extra heaping of tomato sauce on top to balance the extra cheesy pizza.
  4. Extra thick, Topped from Edge to Edge. Have more of what you love, thick and chewy for even more extra pizza goodness.

Thick, chewy, and cheesy Detroit Style PizzaPepperoni can be enjoyed by pizza lovers for P599. 

In addition, Corner Pizza introduced Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread-This is super yummy!!! Enjoy four thick parmesan-crusted garlic bread slices that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfectly paired with their special salsa sauce for P129. 

Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread
Corner Pizza’s new Parmesan crusted garlic bread


Corner Pizza is a new player in the Philippine’s pie-dominated arena. Last November 2020, it introduced a square-shaped pizza that is bigger by square inch than its ordinary 12” round counterpart. Marco Siy, who ideated the concept, shared how he thought of it as a delivery-driven virtual brand during the pandemic: Corner Pizza was born given the pandemic situation last year, by maximizing the delivery service and products of Kenny Rogers Roasters.”


With these new and exciting products, Corner Pizza has proven that they are unstoppable when it comes to creating and innovating delicious pizza treats for everyone. “We don’t cut corners in the selection of ingredients, preparation, and shape. This is further strengthened by our new pizza that has a thick and chewy crust – Detroit Pepperoni. And we don’t plan to stop there, there are lots of exciting products soon,” Marco added.   


To snag a box (or boxes) of these chewy, cheesy, and crusty Detroit Style Pizza, you can order them now by calling 8-555-9000 or go to for delivery! Get a FREE 4pcs. Parmesan Crusted Garlic Bread with every Detroit Pizza purchase until October 17.

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