Looking for skincare solution meant to take care of your ish "down there"? I have been looking for a while now and I stumble upon this brand MINK. I saw a couple of their ads on instagram and I've been itching to give this a try. No pun intended! And look what I found... Shopee 9.9 Super Shopping Sale and a Mink FLASH DEAL ALERT!!!

Catch Mink and Lana at Shopee's 9.9 Super Shopping Sale!

Mink PH Peekini Bikini Inner Thigh Lightening Serum 30ml

Get all the goodness with our #meetMINK bundle! Add to cart here
Regular Price: Php2145 | PROMO: Php1699 (Php446 Savings!)

Kit Includes: 
  1. Bring Knee to Life (Knee & Elbow Serum) 
  2. Peek-ini (Bikini Serum)
  3. Happy Nippy (Nipple Serum)
  4. Prettits (Boob Mask)
  5. I am Booty-ful (Butt Scrub)

Never apologize for showing off your cheeky side! Here to push you further is this powerful serum designed to even out any discoloration you’ve got down south! Mink PH Peekini Bikini Inner Thigh Lightening Serum 30mlHelps remove dead skin cells around the inner thigh and butt cheeks caused by too much friction from garments and undergarments. Focuses on discolorations and dark spots to even out skin tone.

Also, check these Local, Safe, Gentle, and Cruelty-Free products from Lana too!

  1. Cleanser
  2. Serum
  3. Oil
  4. Soap Set
  5. Sunblock Set
For Cleansing, Moisturizing, Pampering, and Protection in helping your skin heal and brighten, minimize pores and dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and even skin redness. All the Lana PH goodies and essentials packed in a bundle at a good value!

  1. Lana PH Soothe & Hydrate Gentle Cleanser - 200ml
  2. Lana PH DNA Repair Elixir - 20ml
  3. Lana PH 100% Pure Argan Oil - 20ml
  4. Lana PH Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock - 50ml
  5. Lana PH Activated Charcoal Soap - 120g
  6. Lana PH Brightening Soap - 120g
  7. Lana PH Age Defying Soap - 120g
  8. Lana PH Lash and Brow Growth Serum - 10ml
  9. Lana PH Deep Hydrating Rice Toner - 150ml
Suitable for all skin types - acne-prone, dry, sensitive, oily, and combination skin | Add to cart here!

Lana Sensitive Skin Bundle - Elixir Serum and Cleanser Skincare Set. Nourish your sensitive skin with two of our bestsellers! Includes the most gentle products from our skincare line. Both helps moisturize and nourish the skin leaving it soft to the touch. No harsh chemicals, only plant-based ingredients! 

  1. DNA Repair Elixir - 40ml Helps heal acne, even out skin tone, minimize skin redness, and lightens pimple marks. Also deeply hydrates, brightens, and tightens your skin with a long-term firming effect.
  2. Lana PH Soothe & Hydrate Gentle Cleanser - 200ml Keeps skin dewy and fresh-looking with its moisturizing ingredients. Also helps heal and reduce itching, inflammation, enlarged pores, and weakened skin surface.

Local, Safe, Gentle, and Cruelty-Free. For sensitive and acne prone skin, dry and dull skin, uneven skin tone, skin redness, enlarged pores, weak skin barrier

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