I love shopping, lalong-lalo na for groceries! I consider it already as one of my favorite "me time". And nothing beats grocery shopping done in peace and to your heart and budgets content kaya as much as possible I always do it alone. Because if I'm with the whole fam bam, kulang ata ang 2hours inside the supermarket sa pagikot, hanapan with each other, add to cart, debate for needs vs wants, pag-sauli ng item na nilagay ng mga bata sa gaming shopping cart, may-iiyak, check out, and repeat! And OMG! ang ending mag-overspend ka pa din! Kaya IDK if it's just me, mas bet ko to go grocery shopping alone, at peace, and within the budget. 

But with the great deal of difficulty, that this pandemic has brought upon us all, Ang mag grocery ng matiwasay is such a struggle. Lalo't nakakatakot pa ding lumabas having to of being exposed to COVID-19. That is why I'm super thankful for my favorite online shopping platform Shopee, because, pati groceries meron sila!!!

And speaking of groceries, alam nyo ba na di mawawala sa listahan ko ang Nestle products? I super love the wide range of brands, the quality, and sustainability too. Also, I bet most Pinay Moms have their own Nestle faves for I got my favorites too! And here's a few:

  • Nescafe I love coffee so much that I am always in the mood of trying everything Nescafe has to offer. But I always go back to my classic fave Nescafe Gold made with  Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, the aroma will definitely wake you up, always! Nescafe Gold is available in 50g, 100g, and 200g jars. Go buy the big jar because you're in for a treat! You'll get a Double Wall Glass Mug for free! 

  • Coffee-Mate for my coffee!
  • Milo every day. Sachet or Big packs Shopee got it for you!

  • Bear Brand powdered milk.
  • Our family's favorite fresh milk, and my choice for baking, Nestle Fresh Milk. 
  • Nestle Cereals like FitnesseKoko Crunch, and Corn Flakes
  • We also love Chuckie and making sure we choose the one with the paper straw in it.
  • Nestea is still refreshingly tasty for me! Click this to see what's new!

  • Nestle Cream is the one and the only all-purpose cream for me! I always use this for creamy desserts, carbonara, and to level up my home-cooking for creamy goodness ulam! Also lovin' the new cutesy size in 125ml, which is very handy for biglang creamy cravings. But if you are up to satisfy the family's craving for a creamy graham dessert, this special bundle is for you. Click and add this to your Shopee cart na and you'll get 12 pcs of Nestle All-Purpose Cream in 250ml + 4 Packs of Graham Crackers. 
  • Last but not the least, and because deserve ko. I'm having a KitKat!

Feel free to Shop for your faves too at Nestle Store on Shopee and Get up to 50% off 
I scored my Nescafe Gold double wall glass here *wink!

Also, check these Nestle Items with Freebies here!
Enjoy Shopee'ing!

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