When I was just a little girl, I love Disney Princesses like Ariel, Belle, Jasmin, and Mulan. Mulan is actually my favorite but technically she's not a princess, but for me, she is! And definitely a girl worth fighting for! Back to my childhood dreams, I  always dreamt of being a princess, dressed in pretty gowns, smiling and waving to my imaginary crowd while trying to walk princessy with my little crown. Of course, I'm dreaming that one day, my prince will come and find me too. And while waiting, I started collecting Disney Princess items like paper dolls, coloring books, stickers, and lunch boxes, and back in the day, Disney Princesses dolls are super hard to find and super pricey!!!

Today, I am a mom of 3 with 2 girls, (yes, I met my Prince, hi DaddyO!) my love for Disney Princesses has awakened and I'm super happy that my girls Ricci and Chloe liked it too! They love Elsa and Ana of Frozen, and they already got dibs of who's who (Ricci as Elsa / Chloe as Anna) They also love the classics like Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, and Aurora. Super thankful to technology that they were able to catch the movies I loved when I was a kid, and hurray for the new Disney Princesses characters too!

Here's another thing to be thankful for, Disney Princesses toys and other stuff are readily available, affordable, and with lots of items to choose from. But that's not all, it's made even more affordable because our favorite online shopping platform, Shopee, is inviting you all to come and shop and be part of  Disney's Ultimate Princess Celebration!

This is such awesome news for moms and dads with kids who loves Disney Princesses. Also, just in time for the school opening to get that cutesy backpack, lunch kits, and more. I am a homeschooling momma, but I allow them to have bags and baon at home.

Let' them still feel the schooling vibe and I'm sure they'll be much happier seeing their fave princesses on their school supplies. Optima Fashion Collection has a lot of Disney Princesses bags to choose from. From food containers, lunch bags, backpacks, and even trolley bags they Have it!

Disney Princess Cute Backpack | Add this to your Shopee cart now!

Moms and Dads, here a tip. Reward your little one for being nice, or being helpful at home,  or did an awesome job at school. Buy them new dolls, and why not get the ones that sing! This Disney Princess Shimmering Song collection is super pretty and sings a line from the movie soundtrack. 

Disney Princess Shimmering Song Rapunzel | Add this to your Shopee cart now!

  • Rapunzels sings "When will my life begin?"
  • Ariel sings "Part of your world"
  • Belle sings "Beauty and the Beast" 

I saw these Disney Princess Shimmering Song Collection on Toy Kingdom thru the Shopee Mall and it's priced at P1600. But it's included in the sale event and you can get 10% discounts! Keep on browsing the collection and you'll see Disney princess items on discounts as much as 50% off!

Catch the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration on Shopee this 7.15

Join the Princess Celebration with Shopee and Get up to 50% off on your favorite Disney Princess products!

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