Craving for that Kenny Rogers corn muffin? or the enticing aroma of Kenny Rogers roasted chicken? Wanted to sink your teeth their hearty sandwiches, I know that feeling, for I'm also craving for my Kenny Rogers food faves and also, that half slab rib! I want it now. But wondering how?

8 Things I love about Kenny Rogers Roasters Brand-New Website

Well, don't worry because Kenny Rogers Roasters is taking food delivery to a whole new level. Bringing their menu straight to you with just a few taps from your smartphone or laptop/computer, and your orders delivered fresh and deliciously healthy right at your doorstep. 

Kenny Rogers is launching their brand-new website! It’s simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate. What’s more, you can access it on any device, whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone, which means you can order from Kenny Rogers anytime, anywhere!

I've tried it and it works! 
Here's how:

  1. Go to
  2. Click order now (you will be redirected to the ordering site)
  3. Choose between delivery or pick-up
  4. Select location (input your address)
  5. Start Ordering (Automatically a Kenny Rogers store will be assigned to you, and you may start ordering)
  6. Add to cart what you like and when you're satisfied, click check out
  7. Input your delivery details, personal details, select payment mode, and place an order
  8. And that's EAT! Wait for it to arrive and EAT!

Also, please note that you'll receive SMS/text about the status of your order. Expect a call from the Kenny Rogers store assigned to your location for updates or changes in the menu.

Give in to that foodie craving of yours in a click!
Feel free to repeat daily because andaming food choices from 

  1. Roast Chicken in different flavors, also OMG Chicken is up for grabs
  2. Healthy plates like High Protein or Low Calorie
  3. Grilled fish, chicken, and burger steak. they have premium steak too
  4. Baked Mac, Baled Tex Mex, or Spaghetti Carbona for pasta
  5. Hearty Sandwiches and Snacks like Burrito and Quesadilla
  6. And even Corner Pizza, they have it! 🥰

Upon giving this a try, here's my initial review and the 8 things I love about Kenny Rogers Roasters Brand-New Website.

  1. Smooth and hassle-free ordering! You can order ASAP or in Advance. And The website will automatically assign a branch for you to order upon filling up your address.
  2. The website and Menu are easy to navigate. The What's New Tab is my favorite! Perfect for Foodies like me who always want to get the first dibs for new items on their menu!
  3. SMS alerts on the status of my orders. 
  4. The Kenny Rogers branch will update u too! Mine called letting me know that one of my preferred side dishes is unavailable and asked me if I'm ok with it and choose among the available ones.
  5. Payment modes are super convenient: credit/debit cards, PaymayaGcash, and even COD!
  6. Free delivery pa when you order P300 and up!
  7. It's pretty Fast!
  8. Food is delivered Hot and Fresh!

Just click and Eat!
Order now and avail of special treats!
*Buy One Get One on half dozen Kenny Rogers Corn Muffin!
*Exclusively available for online orders May 17-23, 2021 Only!

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