5 Tips for Keeping Your Home Spick and Span If You Have Toddlers

Filipinos are known for keeping clean and well-maintained homes as they believe that their abode is a reflection of their character and family values. Sweeping the floor, tidying up messes, and dusting every nook and cranny of the home every day is quite common for the most fastidious Filipino homemakers. General cleaning every weekend is also a typical part of Filipino families’ routines, allowing them to keep their living spaces pleasing and presentable not only for themselves but also for their guests.

Maintaining a tidy and orderly home is a breeze when one’s children are grown up and can fend for themselves. However, the chore can be quite overwhelming when one is still raising little kids. Most parents hardly have any time for breaks because they have to keep up with their energetic brood. As such, it’s quite understandable that they have even less time for keeping the house spotless and well-kept. 

Perhaps you are a parent raising toddlers, and you are desperately looking for ways to, at the very least, minimize the mess and keep your home clean and inviting. If that is the case, you may want to consider the tips below. Hopefully, these will help you keep your house tidy even when there are boisterous children around,

Practice CLAYGO or “clean as you go”
Practice CLAYGO. 
The CLAYGO or “clean as you go” policy is a cleaning habit observed by some communities and establishments to prevent waste build-up, for example, in settings where people eat or play. The method encourages people to tidy up places or amenities after they make use of them. Moreover, it also encourages those who are responsible for cleaning to make an effort to clean continuously as they go about their day.

You can apply this strategy in your own home to simplify the cleaning process and keep your home in order. For instance, instead of waiting for the evening to tidy up everything in one go, make it a habit to continuously clean as you move around the house and play with your kids. If your children are old enough, you can also encourage them to participate in the effort. 

So, for example, if you see an item on the stairs or in an area where it does not belong, you should pick it up right away and put it back in its rightful place. If your toddlers spill their food or drink on the countertop or floor, wipe it up immediately.

For a hassle-free CLAYGO practice, you may want to invest in a cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner. This piece of handheld equipment can readily get rid of liquid and dry mess at the push of a button. You do not have to use a broom or rag to clean up. Just turn the handheld vacuum on, and you can clean anything in seconds.

Avoid Laundry Pile-Up
Avoid Laundry Pile-Up. You may not realize it, but the sight of dirty laundry piles in your room or in other parts of the house can cause you so much stress that you’ll find it much harder to relax. Keep your peace of mind by doing the laundry as often as possible—before the hamper baskets overflow.

Schedule this household task on specific days and hours every week to make it a habit. Make the job more enjoyable and less burdensome by purchasing a smart washing machine with dryer. Like any smart appliance, a smart washer and dryer combo offers various features to help you save time and energy without sacrificing the quality of the wash.

Just load your dirty clothes, press the settings you want, and monitor and control the washing and drying cycle using your phone or tablet. Ultimately, you will be able to attend to your kids and do other things without having to worry about your clothes.

Teach Your Toddler to Clean Up After Themselves
Teach Your Toddler to Clean Up After Themselves. 
Although you cannot expect your toddler to vacuum or scrub the floor, you can start teaching them how to clean up this early in life. Designate a specific time when they can play with their toys and make a mess, but instill the habit of picking up everything and putting them in a basket or box as soon as playtime is over.

Make it fun by playing music like the Cocomelon “Clean Up Song” as you hand them their toys to put away. Affirm their efforts afterward by praising them or treating them to a yummy but healthy snack. Keep repeating the process until it becomes routine for them to pick up after themselves. Doing chores with your young children will help them learn the value of responsibility and respect early in life.

Distract Your Kids with Child-Friendly Entertainment
Distract Your Kids with Child-Friendly Entertainment. 
If you cannot find a few minutes of free time to put things in order or to take care of serious messes, you may want to keep your kids preoccupied so you can focus on cleaning. Choose child-friendly YouTube channels or programs where your toddlers can enjoy bright, upbeat, and exciting music and cartoons, such as Barney, Cocomelon, Kids Channel, and many others.

Be sure to put them in a crib or playpen so they can dance, clap, and jump safely. Continue interacting with your kids as you tidy up the house. Ask questions, explain what the characters are doing, or sing with them. Note that human interaction is one of the most effective ways to enhance learning from educational programs on TV. 

It's Okay to Ask for Help
It's Okay to Ask for Help. 
Instead of trying to do everything on your own, consider giving yourself a break and asking for help. If your spouse is not around, you can call your siblings or other relatives to know if they are willing to babysit a few hours a week. This way, you’ll have time for deep cleaning, organizing, and decluttering your home. Take note that even if you practice CLAYGO, various stuff will continue to accumulate in your home unless you make a conscious effort to get rid of unnecessary things regularly.  

Keeping your home spick and span even when there are small kids around can be challenging, but it is definitely doable. You just need to adopt specific strategies to get things done—and stick with them. Moreover, do not hesitate to invest in the right appliances to make tidying easier and more convenient. Remember that working smart is much better than working hard, especially when it comes to keeping your living spaces in order.

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