Upskill with ZhenHub’s Solutions and Thrive

There’s a new world order, and ZhenHub, a global tech, and logistics company can help professionals and businesses.

The global pandemic has changed modern living and impacted the global economy drastically. But it forced the world to digitize. Today, close to 60% of the worldwide population has gone online, and markets expect more online retail transactions. For this reason, retail eCommerce grew in double digits in almost all regions in 2020 and will bring in sales of US$3.914 trillion in the coming years. Organizations are racing now to take advantage of this new digital imperative as  85% of the world's leading companies have put their digital transformation initiatives on overdrive.

They will need professionals with niche skills and talents. It’s an opportunity for the skilled workforce to further upskill and fill in these new business requirements. And it’s all open to any professional, whether you’re in IT or a virtual workforce. You can do one even better and thrive: upskill with ZhenHub’s solutions.

Logistics and eCommerce digitization made intuitively. As more companies seek to digitize, automation, machine learning operations, and natural language processing will be some of the in-demand skills this year and beyond.

ZhenHuB’s SaaS (software as a service) platform is intuitive and provides specific modules to handle inventory, sales orders, and shipments. Users can easily create inbound shipment orders to streamline inbound logistics operations with drop-down menus and controls. You can also create sales orders and implement product kitting for SKUs not yet inbounded. What’s excellent about ZhenHub’s software service is that it can easily integrate with sales platforms and other systems. 

So how can ZhenHub upskill and broaden the talent base? As eCommerce companies grow, so too will the need for specialized roles to handle logistics operations. To answer this need and increase the technical pool, ZhenHub is developing an eCommerce Learning Hub and logistics program and certification for virtual professionals, and management. ZhenHub believes that an upskilled workforce will better serve clients, provide valuable logistics insights and improve eCommerce business operations and other organizational processes.

“Upskilling is always important to meet evolving business needs, and right now, with online business revenues growing exponentially, skillsets on logistics and eCommerce will be really valuable. With the news that ZhenHub is developing a logistics learning program, there will be many professionals who will grab the opportunity to acquire  these new skills.” - Filipino VA Group founder Coach Julmar Grace Locsin

Successful ZhenHub Partnerships. By providing access to learn ZhenHub’s SaaS platform, professionals will get rewarding careers in the lucrative eCommerce business. It could even lead to opportunities to work for internationally recognized companies such as BLOCKS and &Open. 

BLOCKS is the world’s first customizable smartwatch that lets users add health, sports, and lifestyle modules. They can add motion trackers,  heart rate sensors, GPS, environmental monitors, among others. The manufacturers behind BLOCKs chose ZhenHub to manage their complex products and expansive inventory for its fast and efficient service. Through ZhenHub, they were able to deliver all of the different smartwatch combinations their customers would build.

On the other hand, &Open, a B2B gifting operation based in Dublin, Ireland, entered China, but they had to hold their clients’ customer data on Chinese servers. They needed to build a separate platform that was ring-fenced in China. ZhenHub had the technical capability to store all Ireland-based firm’s client’s data within China and customized its platform for &Open to attain an ICP license to operate within its shores. 

ZhenHub’s Present and the Future. Last December, ZhenHub secured a partnership with Lazada, one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms. The company is now a Lazada preferred logistics partner, enabling cross-border shipment and paves the way for expansion into Southeast Asia. ZhenHub will continue to look for new ways to redefine and revolutionize the eCommerce industry and grow it further. 

Andrea Roxas, ZhenHub’s Marketing Development Manager, said that there would be more new partnerships and developments soon.“ZhenHub’s business is growing rapidly, and we will continue to seek out new partnerships and develop new initiatives to help the eCommerce companies adopt intelligent and automated logistics, smart warehousing, inventory management, and tracking technologies. 

If you want to learn how you can upskill through ZhenHub’s eCommerce and logistics platform to future-ready yourselves for more technical and specialized roles, visit

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