Drew and Iya Arellano with their kids in creating a Christmas Parol  #GlobePaskuhanAtHome

Recreate Holiday Traditions at Home by Globe At Home #GlobePaskuhanAtHome

As Metro Manila is still under General Community Quarantine (GCQ) as the nation is still battling the Covid-19 pandemic, Christmas traditions can still be celebrated at Home.

Here are some tips on how to recreate holiday tradition at home by Globe At home.

Earlier today, yours truly was invited to watch #GlobePaskuhanAtHome and I would love to share with you of happenings:

How to make a Christmas Lantern Parol with  Drew and Iya Arellano.

The couple shares the steps by step on how to create (DIY) parol.  It is already available comes with complete materials.  All you have to do is follow the guidelines to make the Parol.  

Drew and Iya Arellano

To make Christmas more memorable and fun, your kids can join too.  As arent, we can help and guide them to assemble this parol.

Iya and Drew making a Christmas Parol

How to make your Noche Buena at Home more special with  Tips and Tricks with Elle Uy.

Days are fast approaching and yet, we're still looking to buy or something that our Noche Buena makes memorable.

In this segment, Elle Uy shares some tips and tricks on how to decorate our tables for Christmas Eve.

Noche Buena at Home more special with  Tips and Tricks with Elle Uy

From a bare table to look like this (in the photo), here are the steps.

1. Choose your base tablecloth or runner
2. She uses "woodblock"
3.  Ddd some greenery for fragrance and texture
4. Select your medium and small decor
5. Decorate with a garland
6 . Add a touch of color
7.  Use lights and candles to give the setting more texture.
8.  Set dinnerware and cutlery

How to make a quick and easy recipe at home Christmas Morning Omelet by Richard Yap and his daughter Ashley

Richard Yap and his daughter Ashley making Christmas Morning Omelet 

Here are the steps that Daddy and Daughter share with us.

1. Add splash onion
2. Add a dash of salt and pepper
3.  Mix in ham cheese and hotdog and whisk
4. Drizzle some truffle oil
5. Melt butter in the pan
6. Pour eggs into the pan
7. Fold the omelet and serve.

Christmas Morning Omelet 

How to make a special Aguinaldo and how to convert it to business  #PaskuhanAtHome graze box with Neri Naig 

Making Paskuhan At Home Graze Box with Neri Naig

1.  Assemble the box and place parchment paper inside
2. Arrange the chocolates and snacks inside the box
3. Add a ribbon or gift tag to make it look like a gift

As wais na misis, she also reveals the prices, and surprisingly, they're affordable. 
The small box cost Php 130 pesos and you can sell it for Php 250 pesos. 
The big-box cost Php340 which you can sell it up to Pho 500.

What's inside the box will still depend on your choices as well as on you add a prize if wish to sell it.

December Avenue performs live with a song, "Ang Pasko ay Sumapit"  using some of the tools available inside at home

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So, for you how are you going to Recreate Holiday Traditions on the new normal?

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