Panasonic nanoe™ X technology can fight Covid-19

After eight (8) months and counting of different quarantine modes, the Covid-19 pandemic is still a threat to us Filipinos. That's why we are taking all the safety precautions we can do and think of. Yes, anything and everything. From staying safe at home, or wearing facemask and face shield at the same time when going out, armed with hand sanitizers or alcohol, loading up on vitamin intake, hoarding different kinds of disinfectant, sanitizing everything even up to buying UV sanitizers and air filter/ purifier and other devices. But the latest innovation from Panasonic is by far the most promising and enticing one to get because it can fight COVID-19!

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Panasonic Introduces nanoe X technology for the Philippine Market
The effect of nanoe™ X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals on novel coronavirus 

Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (PMPC), the manufacturer, importer, and distributor of Panasonic products in the country recently announced that, in collaboration with a global contract research organization Texcell*1Texcell has verified the inhibitory effect of the nanoe™ X technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

 About the nanoe™ X technology

nanoe™ X technology, the original ionizer to generate “nano-sized atomized water particles” was developed by Panasonic Corporation. It is an electrostatic atomization technology, that collects invisible moisture in the air and applies high-voltage to it to produce “hydroxyl radicals contained in water”. The decisive factor is the existence of hydroxyl radicals inside nanoe™ X. Hydroxyl radicals are characterized by being strongly oxidative and highly reactive.

7 Effects of nanoe™ X

Panasonic has been conducting research on this technology for over the past 20 years since 1997 and has verified its effectiveness in a variety of areas, including inhibiting pathogenic microorganism (bacteria, fungi, and viruses) and allergens, breaking down PM 2.5 components that have adverse effects on the human body.

In 2012, Panasonic conducted a virus clearance test with a third-party organization and confirmed the effectiveness of each of the 4 categories in terms of biological characteristics. Based on this result, Panasonic announced that "hydroxyl radicals contained in water" technology could be expected to have an inhibitory effect on new viruses.

The novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) of the current global pandemic is one such new type of virus and testing with Texcell has now confirmed that the nanoe™ X does have an inhibitory effect on this virus. This testing was carried out in a closed laboratory environment and was not designed to assess its efficacy in uncontrolled living spaces.

Understanding nanoeTM X and hydroxyl radicals contained in water


Generally, hydroxyl radicals in the air has a short life span and have difficulty in generating a huge quantity of hydroxyl radicals while controlling ozone generation. Panasonic utilizes a unique technology that generates hydroxyl radicals contained in water that encompasses charged water particles to give it a longer life span, and that the technology produces huge quantity of hydroxyl radicals while controlling ozone generation, making it safe and effective in inhibiting new viruses.

Hydroxyl radicals contained in water have a longer life span which enhances its ability to attach onto viruses, taking away hydrogen (H) from proteins that neutralizes viruses.  In fact, Texcell test report has verified nanoe™ X device used in an enclosed 45litre enclosed box effectively inhibit novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in 2 hours.

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Panasonic air conditioners and other Panasonic appliances equipped with nanoeTM X contain about 4.8 trillion per second hydroxyl radicals. Thanks to the huge quantity of hydroxyl radicals contained in water, nanoeTM X can inhibit surface-level pollutants by penetrating deep into fabric materials and inhibiting pathogenic microorganism such as bacteria & viruses, mold, allergen, pollen, and hazardous substances.

It is true that prevention is better than cure and taking care of one’s health begins at home. The new technology offered by Panasonic is a testament to how they stay true to offering new value for better living and help realize “A Better Life, A Better World” for each of their customers. This will provide Filipino families an option to be able to make sure that their homes are indeed a safe haven for them, lessening the harms of being infected by the rapidly spreading coronavirus. Aside from our homes, business establishments including restaurants, hospitals, offices, gyms, schools, and more are best to utilize this technology since Panasonic air conditioners equipped with the nanoe™ X, are capable of providing 24-hour air protection.

Health is the utmost a priority of every individual given the current global pandemic and with the the help of companies who are working hand-in-hand to look after the welfare of every global citizen, the plight of the community in preventing the numbers of cases from growing is somehow lessened and mitigated.

Panasonic will continue to pursue the potential of nanoe™ X technology to address possible risks associated with air pollution such as new pathogenic microorganisms, with the aim of creating healthy environments for people around the world.

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