What to Expect on Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival? Ubusan ng pera mam'ser dahil kaliwat-kanan ang sale at paandar nila! I'm sure pinaghahandaan mo na ang iyong cart at ng iyong wallet ang ganaps sa Shopee may it be on the app or website for the Shopee10.10 Brands Festival on October 10. Yes beshie, Shopee shoppers like you and me, we know the drill!  Free Shipping with NO Minimum Spend, Big Discounts, and Amazing Deals from Leading Brands. All that awesomeness is because of their collaborative effort and Shopee is up for more!

Shopee Strengthens Supports for Brands to Reach Millions of Online Customers with 10.10 Brands Festival 

Speaking of leading brands, here are three brands that shared how Shopee helped their business flourish online.

1. Unilever's Beauty That Cares Campaign that was launched last August, is what made the brand realized the potential of Shopee’s in-app features. Through ShopeeLive, Unilever spread awareness for its advocacy to help small and local businesses affected by the pandemic. The brand also uses other Shopee in-app features like Flash Deals and marketing solutions to reach a wider audience and build a seamless and shopping experience for their consumers. 

“With the recent health crisis, we saw how consumer priorities have shifted and had to re-think the brand experience and find new ways to engage consumers. Thanks to our solid partnership with Shopee, we quickly adapted, strengthened our presence, and continuously served our shoppers amidst the pandemic.” - Jackie Mañago, Digital Commerce Marketing Manager at Unilever

2. Realme Despite the limitation of selling channels during the pandemic, this brand routed its focus on e-commerce and gave more importance to offering affordable devices for communication, e-schooling, and work at home with Shopee. They were able to amplify their exposure and increase their sales by using Shopee’s marketing services like ShopeeLive, banners, and campaigns.

“Through ShopeeLive, banners, and the famous Gadget Zone, we have been able to maximize our exposure and provide the best offers in our exclusive launches. Their platform creates a positive and inviting atmosphere, encouraging brands to participate in their campaigns. Since our partnership with Shopee began, we have seen stronger sales, whether it's a launch or sustaining.” - Eason de Guzman, Marketing Lead at Realme Philippines, said, 
3. Alaska has been working closely with Shopee to boost its brand presence online since the start of the quarantine period last March. The brand took advantage of Shopee’s highly visible in-app spots such as the flash deals section, marketing tools, and big campaigns to promote their products. With Shopee, Alaska saw 10x growth compared to last year.  
“Data and media are the lifelines of e-commerce. Thanks to Shopee, we can check which of our ads and products perform well using the marketing tool. Segment buys also play a crucial role, especially if there will be an upcoming campaign as these can increase awareness and convert consumers who are not yet exposed to the brand.” Marx Benedict So, Digital E-Commerce Manager for Alaska Milk Corporation.


At Shopee, brands form the backbone of our business. We have built a strong record of helping brands overcome business challenges and shift to online seamlessly with our strong ecosystem of solutions. We launched the 10.10 Brands Festival, the region's biggest online shopping event for brands, to provide brands the needed visibility to further scale their business online. We have also expanded our offerings to help our brand partners find success online, and we will continue to do so to support and empower brands to capture immense growth opportunities in the Philippines.” -Martin Yu, Associate Director at Shopee Philippines.

Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival

Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival runs from September 24 till October 10, 2020, only! 

Don't miss this bonggacious sale alert featuring the exciting promos like free shipping with ₱0 minimum spenddaily cash backs, and bigger discounts when shoppers use ShopeePay. Consumers will also get huge discounts up to 50% off on leading brandswin exciting prizes via in-app games, and many more. 

Shopee shoppers can also look forward to fantastic deals from the following leading brands:
Abbott, Johnson & Johnson, Havaianas InspiL’Oreal Paris, Maybelline,  Nestle, P&G Pampers, Unilever, and Wyeth, 

Additionally, leading brands such as MetroSunnies, Garnier, Colgate Palmolive, Mikana, Shigetsu, Organic Skin, Inspi, Organic Official, Crown, ACE, and Alaska,  will offer awesome deals and discounts.

Shopee 10.10 Play & Win TV Special on Wowowin

Shopee fans, ready yourselves for fun games, exciting entertainment, and fantastic brand deals during Shopee’s 10.10 Play & Win TV Special on Wowowin happening on October 10 at 10:00 AM. Performances from Bianca Umali, Gabbi Garcia, and 4th Impact are on the line up too. Plus, users also have the chance to win up to ₱7 million worth of prizes. 

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