Galaw-galaw at ilabas ang tinatagong galing sa pag-sayaw and say yes to Solane Dance Challenge!

Yes na Yes because you'll get a chance to win P50,000 sa pag sali sa the Solane Dance Challenge social media contest!

Interested to join? C'mon it's easy! 

Contest mechanics: 

  1. Form a dance crew and produce their own dance video following the exact choreography of the Solane Dance Challenge which was created by the dance crew Live, Love, Party. 
  2. Each group must consist of 2-5 members only aged 12 years old and above and could be made up of friends, officemates, or family members, making it the perfect opportunity for bonding moments amid the pandemic! 
  3. All entries must be submitted before November 27, 2020 and uploaded on the Facebook account of the team’s representative with the caption: “Hi! We are (participants’ names or team name) from (participants’ city or town) and this is our #SolaneDanceChallengeOfficialEntry. Please like/love and share! Thank you! #SolaneDanceChallenge” 
  4. Aside from uploading the video on Facebook, the representative must also fill up the registration form via and upload it on the said website to qualify. The video must be in MP4 format.

All entries will be judged based on the following criteria: 
  • 10% number of Facebook likes/reactions
  • 40% choreography (synchronization, skill, mastery)
  • 30% creativity, 
  • 20% overall impact 
  • Total of 100%.

Solane Dance Challenge
Bust out your dance moves and get a chance to win P50,000
#SolaneDanceChallengeOfficialEntry #SolaneDanceChallenge

First place will take home Php50,000 plus one (1) year free supply of 11kg of high-quality and safe Solane LPG and Solane freebies. 

Second place will win Php30,000 plus six (6) months free supply of 11kg Solang LPG and Solane freebies.

The Third Placer while the team in third place will take home Php10,000 plus six (6) months free supply of 11kg Solang LPG and Solane freebies. Other dance crews will also receive consolation prizes of Php 2,000 and Solane freebies per team.

Want to join just for fun? feel free to post the dance challenge on any of these social media platforms: 
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok 
  • using the hashtag, #SolaneDanceChallenge.

Don’t miss out on this chance to have fun with family and friends and show off your dance moves and creativity with the Solane Dance Challenge. 

To know more, visit or Solane’s official Facebook page

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