The Vitamilk Grow Strong Weekend Challenge Accepted and COMPLETED!

It was just last year when we shifted to homeschooling. And with the community quarantine in effect, traditional schooling and keeping kids entertained is a bit of a challenge these days. So, I guess this is one of the good decisions we’ve made. 

Staying safe, healthy, and strong at home is still our goal. Making sure to minimize our exposure to the outside world, sanitizing and disinfection is already part of our daily routine, staying fit and healthy eating is a must, most especially for our kids.

Our little ones need proper nutrition even though we are just at the comforts of our home, and with the pandemic, we must be armed with strong immunity! Also, learning should not stop. That's why we should always move forward. We even have a pa'Homeschool baon. Here is another good decision we made. It is choosing Vitamilk Soymilk! Yes, because this is the healthier option. It has Omega 3,6, and 9 that helps build cell membranes and serves as a brain booster that will help our kids to learn more and be pro-active.  

Our VITAMILK Grow Strong Weekend Challenge Rundown Blog Post

So, when I received the VITAMILK Grow Strong Weekend Challenge Kit, the fambam can already sense something exciting and fun is about to happen. Let The Games Begin

Weekend Challenge No.1: Merienda Match

Merienda Match Game Mechanics:
  1. Bring in some healthy snacks and cards.  If not available, feel free to make your own cards. A little DIY is much better!
  2. Shuffle and place the cards facing down. Decide who to go first with the good old fashioned rock-paper-scissors. Choose 2 cards and flip them over, and look for the matching cards. Flip it back if it doesn't match and wait for your next turn. 
  3. Every time you get a match, you get a snack!
  4. The player with the most pairs wins!

My daughter, Ricci is super ready to win! She's super focused, keeping both eyes open and yes, she's super competitive! Well, aside from knowing na "namana nya yan sa akin" Vitamilk is definitely is the key. Vitamilk's Omega 3-6-9 helps kids to stay sharp as it enhances brain development.

Ricci won in the first challenge and the next, and the next. We had so much fun at na-exercise din ang memory ko :P Mukhang mas kailangan ko atang mag Vitamilk. jk

Vitamilk Grow Strong Weekend Challenge No.2: Code Cracker

Code Cracker Game Mechanics

  1. Print your own cipher with your secret code and cut it out. or create your own from scratch using a paper tube, strips of paper, and a marker.
  2. Fill it with other letters to conceal your message.
  3. Get your kids to crack the code. Use a timer for a level up challenge. 
  4. Make more codes for them to discover, Just make sure you have enough Vitamilk stash!

We put our secret detective's hats on to crack a secret code and it ends with a refreshing treat! Easy-peasy and Code Cracker challenge for my daughter Ricci. 

Vitamilk Grow Strong Weekend Challenge No.3: Letter Hunter

Letter Hunter Game Mechanics

  1. Create your own letters spelling "S-T-R-O-N-G"
  2. Hide these letters on the different spots all around the house.
  3. Let your kid hunt! Search for these letters high and low, It'll be fun!
  4. When all the letters are found, let them figure it out. 

For the 3rd weekend's Vitamilk Grow Strong Challenge, Ricci is unleashing the huntress in her. With the strength and endurance, looking high and low for the letters are super easy!

Vitamilk Grow Strong Weekend Challenge No.4: Laser Escape

Laser Escape Game Mechanics

  1. Find some strings and make a maze out of it. peg: Laser beams 
  2. Make this challenge more enticing by placing Vitamilk packs in the maze!
  3. The challenge is for our kids to grab all the pack inside the maze without hitting any of the strings!
  4. The one who finishes the maze with the fastest time wins!

Thank you so much Vitamilk for the Grow Strong Weekend Challenges you specially curated for us! This instantly and insanely turned our homes to a wacky and exciting funhouse!

The Laser Escape is Ricci's favorite among all the 4 challenges. Saving the best for last and definitely made a blast! Victory is sweet, as my daughter grabbed her Vitamilk Double Choco haul at the end game.

Good thing we got our much-needed Omega 3-6-9 in Vitamilk. Because this helps optimize our kid’s brain and enhances their memory and attention span. Also, the Vitamilk Fills Good Formula definitely helped my kid finish the challenge quickly because it contains Protein and B-Vitamins to strengthen muscles and release energy.

For the moms and kids, please do try this at home!
Don't forget to stash up your Vitamilk!
Promise, ang Saya-Saya!!!

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