Fulfill your cravings for gravy at home with ready-to-eat UFC Gravy Sa Sarap 


Our Fambam loves eating out. It's just one of the bonding activities that we miss a lot. And with the new normal we are in right now, eating out with the family is such a challenge, and my cooking skills are not that great, buti na lang my kids are not that hard to please, they love fried chicken, and other fried and easy to cook dishes.  Buti na lang talaga I'm a Prito Expert! 

So in line with my kids' love for fried dishes, gravy is a must too! Sa super pagka-favorite nila dito, halos gawin ng soup ang gravy mga momshies! grabe dabah? Kaya naman I got super kilig and happy learning about NutriAsia's newest baby -  the UFC Gravy Sa Sarap.  Now we can have delicious gravy in an instant!

UFC Gravy Sa Sarap is the first of it's kind. An innovative ready-to-eat gravy by NutriAsia. UFC Gravy Sa Sarap tastes just like every Pinoy’s favorite restaurant gravy but in a cutesy, handy, easy to prepare, and use! No need cooking too! This deliciously tasty gravy is not just for your all-time favorite fried chicken, this is so perfect to pair with all your prito favorites and other ulam.

NutriAsia takes pride in the delectable taste of UFC Gravy Sa Sarap. “It is reminiscent of the classic gravy flavor we savored during restaurant visits with our families,” Reyes says. “At NutriAsia, we aim to make Filipino meals more delicious and enjoyable. Adding gravy to our list of top sauces and condiments turns home dining into a more memorable experience,” he adds.
“We want Filipinos to relive that joyful feeling they had when eating out—right in the comforts of their home. UFC Gravy Sa Sarap helps them to reconnect with these simple and precious memories,” says NutriAsia Senior Group Category Manager Jean Reyes. 

2 ways to serve hot:
  1. Heat gravy in a bowl. Microwave for 1 minute *pack is not microwavable
  2. Place pack in hot water for 3 minutes
Pour the love of UFC Gravy and make mealtimes complete. 
Now, eating at home and enjoying homecooked meals with our family can be as delightful as eating out. 

Specially Curated Fried Dishes by Chef Myke Tatung 
perfectly paired with UFC Gravy Sa Sarap 

#PourTheLoveOfUFCGravy for that perfect savory flavor!

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