Power-Up your Gadgets with a New Anker Powerbank 

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Powerbanks from Anker is one of the most reliable power banks there is. I always carry one whenever I'm out covering events, or having an outdoor fun shoot with my kids. And even with the new normal scenario of staying at home that we are in right now, I always charged my Anker power bank just in case of an emergency power outage, and thankfully this baby hasn't let me down. 

Power-Up your Gadgets with Anker Powerbank

Power-Up your Gadgets with a New Anker Powerbank

That is why I highly recommend this brand Anker. And as you all know, I am always on the lookout for Sale, Promos, and Great Deals and Shopee is the online shopping hub and place to be!

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Anker PowerCore Fusion is a 5000mAh 2-in-1 Power Bank & Charger
Sale Alert: Price P1795 (SRP at P1995)

1.3K Pieces Sold | Available Stock: 141
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Anker PowerCore II Slim is a power bank with 10,000mAh comes with 18-month warranty.
Sale Alert: Price P2560 (SRP P2695)

1.1K Pieces Sold | Available Stock: 215
Buy this on Shopee: Anker PowerCore II Slim

Anker PowerCore II Slim + PowerLine (3ft) Micro USB Bundle
SRP P3,040 Sale Alert: Price P2,432
Awesome Deal at 20% Discount!

95 Pieces Sold | Available Stock: 2 
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Power-Up your Gadgets with a New Anker Powerbank

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