AciGirl at Angat Rainforest and Ecological Park View Deck
Aci Girl here at Angat Rainforest & Ecological Park View Deck

Understanding The Waterworks at Maynilad + An Underrated Beauty Secret, Leaked!

Mommy Bloggers Philippines in collaboration with Maynilad went for a road trip/familiarization tour going to Maynilad La Mesa Water Treatment Plants, to understand the waterworks et' al. We are also up for some "dam-hopping" activity that started from Angat Dam, going down to Ipo Dam, and La Mesa Dam.

Angat Rainforest & Ecological Park

Angat Rainforest and Ecological Park View Deck
Angat Rainforest & Ecological Park View Deck
The View of Angat Dam and Norzagaray River from Angat Rainforest and Ecological Park View Deck
MBP x Maynilad | The View of Angat Dam & Norzagaray River from Angat Rainforest and Ecological Park View Deck

Angat Dam | Angat Hydropower Corporation

Did You Know that The Angat Dam, is a Multi-Purpose Dam?

  1. Angat Dam is managed by the Angat Hydropower Corporation (AHC)
  2. And is being used to Generate Electrical Power.
  3. For Irrigation through The National Irrigation Authority (NIA) 
  4. Serves as Reservoir for Flood Control
  5. For Domestic Water Supply through the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS)

From Angat Dam, raw water flows down to the much-smaller Ipo Dam and eventually, to the Novaliches Portal where the water is divided between the two private water concessionaires of the MWSS which were Manila Water for the East Zone concession and Maynilad for the West Zone concession. Maynilad gets a 60% share because of its bigger customer base. While the two concessionaires share the raw water supply coming from Angat and Ipo Dams, only Manila Water gets raw water from La Mesa Dam.

Ipo Dam
MBP x Maynilad | Ipo Dam
Maynilad Water Services, Inc. (Maynilad) is the water and wastewater services provider for the West Zone of the Greater Metro Manila area. Servicing and covering a total area of 540 square kilometers, Maynilad is the largest water concessionaire (customer base) in the Philippines. 

Maynilad is Managed by DMCI-MPIC Water Company, Inc. owned and operated by Metro Pacific Investments Corporation and DMCI Holdings Inc. and Marubeni Corp. The MPIC-DMCI consortium took control of Maynilad on January 24, 2007.

Maynilad Operates and Maintains the following: 
  • 4 water treatment plants 
  • 22 wastewater plants
  • 36 pumping stations
  • 32 reservoirs
  • 28 in-line boosters
  • 3,137 kilometers of water pipelines have been laid since 2007.
  • 7,713 kilometers in Total 
*As of December 2019

Steps for the Raw Water from Angat Dam to be Potable Water at our Homes
  • Raw Water from Angat Dam
  • To Ipo Dam
  • To Bicti Basins
  • To La Mesa Water Portals
  • To Treatment Plant 1 & 2
  • To the Reservoir
  • To the Mini Boosters & Pumping  Stations
  • To our Houses

Maynilad La Mesa Water Treatment Plant
MBP x Maynilad | La Mesa Water Treatment Plant

Maynilad is an agent and contractor of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System for the West Zone of the Greater Manila Area. Composed of the Cities of:
  1. Caloocan
  2. Pasay
  3. ParaΓ±aque
  4. Las PiΓ±as
  5. Muntinlupa
  6. Valenzuela
  7. Navotas
  8. Malabon. 
Certain areas of:
  1. Manila, 
  2. Quezon City
  3. Makati
Also servicing Cavite provinces:  
  1. Cavite City
  2. Bacoor
  3. Imus
And the towns of:
  1. Kawit
  2. Noveleta
  3. Rosario
*As of December 2019

According to the experts that I was able to ask during this trip at Maynilad: It just takes 4-6 hours for the Raw Water treated from Angat Dam, down to La Mesa Water Treatment Plant. And from La Mesa Water Plant, Reservoirs, Mini Boosters and Pumping Stations, at least 2 more hours for it to reach our homes. And that's how Maynilad delivers potable water.

Eh, Bakit wala pa ding tubig?

Relax, we asked them "Anyare?" Bakit may rotational water interruption?  Bakit may mga lugar pa din na halos walang tubig? Hanggang Kailan ang rotational water interruption? At sino ang may sala? char! Learn more about this and more below. May this help you understand why a water interruption is happening? What to expect? and What we can do about it?

Mr. Rolando Padua Head of Water Supply Operations | Maynilad

How do daily rotational water service interruptions work?

  • Why rotational water interruption happen? In the event that Maynilad is given less than its usual allocation of raw water, it is set to maximize the limited supply by rotating it to the different areas within its concession. This is to ensure that all customers will have an opportunity to store water for their daily needs. 

  • Why do the schedule of the rotational service interruptions differ among the affected areas? The duration of service interruptions per area depends on the hydraulic configuration of the pipelines. This means that some areas will experience longer or shorter service interruptions owing to their location. Areas that are low in elevation, are near Maynilad’s reservoirs and pumping stations, and are conduits to reach fringe areas will naturally have shorter service interruptions. 

  • What are the other Certain factors that cause a delay in the water supply resumption? These include the volume of withdrawal from the pipelines as customers start getting waterthe topography of an area, for example, are the low-lying areas, they feel the supply resumption earlier than those in highly elevated areas. And also, the actual raw water supply that enters Maynilad’s treatment plants for the day *lower volume received means less water for distribution.

  • Is water discoloration normal after a rotational water service interruptions?  The discoloration is a natural consequence of service interruptions, as the returning flow of water tends to scrape the mineral deposits from the internal lining of pipes. Customers are advised to let the water flow out until the supply clears. If discoloration persists, they are encouraged to report it to Maynilad for further investigation.

  • Why you should NOT hoard water? The Simultaneous withdrawal of water from the pipelines affects water pressure that further delays the resumption of water service to other areas. That's why Maynilad strongly advises its customers to just store enough water that they will need for the duration of a service interruption. Drawing too much water after service resumption will not only prevent the supply from reaching highly elevated and fringe areas, it may also cause the hoarder’s water bill to spike.

When will the daily rotational water service interruptions end?

The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) is the government agency responsible for determining the allocation of raw water supply from Angat Dam for MWSS and NIA. The normal allocation for MWSS is 48 cubic meters per second (cms). This supply is shared among residents of Metro Manila and the nearby provinces of Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan.

The implementation of daily rotational service interruptions will be in effect for as long as the raw water allocation given to Maynilad from Angat Dam is below its requirement. Per NWRB, The Reduced Allocations will remain in effect until June 2020. Continuous monitoring of Angat and Ipo Dams are being done to check if the water levels improve enough to raise the allocation.

Mommy Bloggers Philippines x Maynilad | at Angat Dam

What can Maynilad Customers do to help lessen the impact of reduced raw water allocation?

Aside from praying for more rain, let's be pretty specific kay Lord na sana ay sa Angat dam lahat bumuhos, let's also do our share to conserve water. And also, store just enough amount of water for our daily needs. Please don't hoard water most especially if mas blessed tayo at nagreresume ang water service the next day. Because in some areas, sad to say na halos wala talaga silang natatanggap na tubig, dahil nakuha or naubos na ang water allocation ng lahat ng customers na mas nauunana or mas mababang elevation sa service line before them. 

If every one of 15 million Filipinos saves four liters of water a day, we can collectively save 60 million liters per day, NWRB. 

Such water savings can really go a long way. And as for Angat Dam, let's hope and pray for the best and may it recover and zap right back to the normal level and sana din Lord, may pa-increase sa water allocation after June 2020.

MBP x Maynilad

Alam nyo din ba na Safe for drinking ang water quality coming from Maynilad

Yes, it's true! There's no need to buy mineral o distilled water, or even having the need to filter pa the water coming out from your faucets. Because the industry experts reassure the public that the water from Maynilad is clean, reliable and safe for drinking. The Water from Maynilad is Potable.

How Does Maynilad do its Waterworks?

The raw water from Angat Dam goes through a Multi-Stage Treatment Process:

  1. Screening: Raw water passes through screens preventing foreign objects to go in.
  2. Rapid Mixing: Adding chemicals to the raw water will turn tiny solid materials into clusters.
  3. Pre-Chlorination: Chlorine may also be added.
  4. Flocculation: Mixing raw water gently as fine particulates clump up together and form a "floc" 
  5. Sedimentation: The Floc particles and other suspended solids in the water will settle at the bottom of the basin.
  6. Filtration: Water from the sedimentation basins will be filtered through dual-media filters.
  7. Post Treatment: Adding of Chlorine and Lime. 
  • Chlorine is for disinfection
  • Lime is to correct the pH or acidity levels of the water.  
  • This prevents corrosion of pipes in the distribution system.

Aci Girl at La Mesa Water Treatment Plant 2 | Mommy Blogger on Duty
Photo Credits: Mommy Nhessie | Rolled into One Mom

Alam nyo ba ang underrated na sagot sa tanong na: "What's your beauty secret? 
This is a frequently asked question sa Magaganda...

Chill guys! kasi so far, mangilan-ngilan pa lang naman ang naglakas loob na magtanong saken nito. hahaha Ehem! simpre hindi ako makasagot. This FAQ is meant for someone who has noticeably clearer,  healthier, and beautiful skin.  But on a serious note, Isa din ako sa naghahanap ng kasagutan. I research online, watch interviews, and even consulted a number of dermatologists, And the resounding answer from the experts, and the beautiful people of the Philippines, and also the world...

Always boils down to "Drinking Plenty of Water." 

True enough that drinking lots of water can really do the works at malaki talaga ang ikagaganda if you drink up at least 2 liters of water per day.

Ang mga sumusunod ay ilan lamang sa magandang epekto ng pag-inom ng tubig: 

  • 🚰Prevents Dry Mouth and Promotes Healthy Looking Lips.
  • 🚰Healthier Scalp, Hair and Nails. 
  • 🚰Clear, Bright, and Beautiful Eyes.
  • 🚰Clear, Healthy and Glowing Skin
  • 🚰Reduces Wrinkles / Sun Burn
  • 🚰Energy and Mood Booster
  • 🚰Keeps You Cool and Regulate Body Temperature
  • 🚰Improves Digestion
  • 🚰Natural Detox
  • 🚰Helps on Weight Loss.

Ayun naman pala... Alam na mga beshie ah!? πŸ˜
Di naman pala ako panget... Dehydrated lang πŸ€£

And because of that, let's make it a habit to hydrate properly and regularly. Because I do believe that being beautiful starts from within. Kaya naman let's start drinking the right amount of water, and make it at least 2.5 liters of water a day. Or try the 8X8 scheme which is to consume 8 glasses of 8 ounces water, daily. 

If you were like me na di gaano malakas uminom ng tubig: I'm following these steps para mas mapainom ako ng tubig. Also don't forget to measure your water intake via bottles, pitchers, or even gallons. And keep in mind to take at least 2 liters of water.

  1. Drink Warm Water Pag Gising
  2. Drink Chilled Water especially when outdoors.
  3. Skip Softdrinks.
  4. Get into Infused Water
  5. Drink Before, During and After Meal.
  6. Whenever you feel a headache coming in, Drink
  7. Whenever you feel like being hungry, Drink
  8. Take your vitamins, supplements or medicine in different batches. And yes with water pa din.
  9. Drink before and after your workout.
  10. Drink before going to bed.

Extra: Pag feeling ko di pa ako umabot sa quota ko sa pag inom ng tubig, I eat polvoron, timpla ng juice, or nag-a-akayat baba ako sa hagdan. Train yourself, di lang naman for the outer beauty ang effect nito but also sa overall health ng isang tao. 

Let the drinking session (of water) begin!

Team Maynilad   (L-R) Water Supply Operations: Mr.Marvin Villanueva and Mr. Rodel Tumandao.   Corporate Communications: Ms. Grace Laxa, Ms. Zye Cartel, Ms. Lalaine Tiangco and Ms. Jess Leobrera,   Corporate Quality, Environment, Safety, and Health Mr. Alexis Madison Datong and Mr. Julio Meneses
Team Maynilad 
(L-R) Water Supply Operations: Mr.Marvin Villanueva and Mr. Rodel Tumandao. 
Corporate Communications: Ms. Grace Laxa, Ms. Zye Cartel, Ms. Lalaine Tiangco and Ms. Jess Leobrera, 
Corporate Quality, Environment, Safety, and Health Mr. Alexis Madison Datong and Mr. Julio Meneses

Thank You MBP and Maynilad for inviting me to this FamTour. I learned so much on this trip and my curiosity was satisfied. It was an amazing experience seeing Angat Dam, Ipo Dam and the La Mesa Water Treatment Plant. Also, an enlightening escapade that made me understand how the water treatment system works.  

Mommy Bloggers Philippines x Maynilad  at Angat Rainforest & Ecological Park View Deck

Mommy Bloggers Philippines at La Mesa Water Treatment Plant
MBP at La Mesa Water Treatment Plant | Photo Credits: Mommy Nhessie |  Rolled into One Mom

I hope you guys learned something too. And the next time you open your faucets, I hope you appreciate it more, don't waste it, put it to good use, and recycle if you can.

So with that, allow me to end this blog post with this insight:
Walang taong panget! baka lang sila ay Dehydrated. :)

Mommy Badet and AciGirl
MBP x Maynilad | Mommy Badet & Aci Girl
Keep Calm & Stay Hydrated para feelin' ma'Beauty pa rin.

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