Diane Perfect Beauty

Diane Perfect Beauty
I love long silky smooth and fragrant hair. Oh, how I wish I can maintain my hair's beauty without breaking the bank. Plus, I don't have the time to spare for a hair treatment that eats up my time and money. So, as usual, I keep an eye for new hair care products in the market. And I love Watsons for this. They always introduce new products from cosmetics, vitamins, and supplements, and personal care products like skincare and even hair care: Watsons has it for you!

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off

A couple of weeks ago, I've learned that a new hair care product is about to be available in Watsons pretty soon. and please note that it is... made in Japan. Yay!!!

Each hair strand tells an anecdote of beauty, a story of comfort, a tale of confidence. With the different variants of Moist Diane Shampoo & Treatment, the brand makes sure that they cater to all three.

Diane Perfect Beauty

Moist Diane Shampoo & Treatment uses the highest quality organic oils that leave your hair beautifully hydrated. It features super antioxidants and scientific beauty keratins proven to keep women’s hair healthy and strong. We utilize the highest quality ingredients that nature and science can offer to allow women to fully enjoy their hair!

  • Moist Diane Extra Damage Repair works by fixing our mane's top problems, like having split ends, frizziness, tangles, and even color fading. This product line will help smoothen and support our hair from within the follicles with the help from its organic oils, amino keratin, and other ingredients.
  • Moist Diane Extra Volume & Scalp nourishes the scalp using its unique formulation that is infused with quality and gentle organic oils. This extraordinary formula is perfect for scalp care, fights hair fall and hair loss too and controls dandruff as well. Also, this formula adding hair volume using its unique volumizing keratin and natural conditioning polymer.
  • Moist Diane Extra Smooth & Straight delicately moisturizes the hair from the roots to the ends for a smoother and incredibly soft, straighter hair. Presenting Quinoa oil and cuticle keratin as its magical features: Moist Diane unravels the unruly, the rough, and the frizzy hair, giving women hair that flows silky smooth

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