Home Improvement is one of my go-to categories whenever I'm about to rearrange, redecorate or even to start over a specific corner or room at our home. I always want something that pops-out or giving a pleasant ambiance for me to be always in the mood or energized for work. I don't know if it's just me but I always want something new and comfy at the same time. And my most favorite part of the house is the kitchen and bedroom. In this blog post, I'm giving you a sneak peek of our bedroom's new look! 

The recent addition to my bed sheets and pillows collections - Akemi and Mr. Big Pillows

There are times that I want something white, plain and simple, but most of the time I want colors and textures! 

Also, I'm featuring the items I used for this bedroom update like the wallpapers, premium bed sheet from Akemi Philippines, Mr. Big Little Pillow, mattress, and my new bed frame by Home Suite.

Brick Wallpapers from Shopee: Easy to apply and self-adhesive wallpapers that I bought from Shopee for P175 pesos/roll 

Home Suite Bed Frame - Twiggy: I'm actually torn between the bulky wooden and cushioned bedframes, and the minimalist metal ones. But this bed frame from Home suite is the winner! I like the design. it's so neat, modern, and sturdy! Easy to assemble and disassemble for I am always rearranging from time to time. So this is a super good buy for me! Priced at Php9000

Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Light Bulb: I've been eyeing for this kind of lightbulb na talaga noon pa! This is super perfect tp create the right ambiance and customizable depends on sa mood na bet mo! Price starts at $49

Check this out and See How Philips Hue lighbulb works.
Watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BGsLl60yBg

Unboxing Philips Hue Single bulb: https://youtu.be/6Xt-k-GrBwg

AKEMI beddings have the most innovative features such as its comfortable fabric that are gentle on the skin. It also has a hypoallergenic feature for those with sensitive skin. And for sure you'll find plains, prints, and even florals, in their sheets that match your liking!  

Life & Dream belongs to Akemi line too. It's a much affordable linen collection yet the quality is still good. 

My thoughts about Life & Dream Linens: Quality is Good, It's comfy + the garters are super stable and sewn nicely. The Prints are Great too. Prices start at P1295.

The Mr. Big Pillows is kinda new to me but this fluffy pillow is not just that. This brand also made me understand more that not all pillows are the same, and there's a certain type of pillow for each of us, most particularly those who are having a hard time sleeping, and for those that snore too. 

And I must admit, this brand is really a must-buy! You better go check Akemi and Mr. Big Pillows now at the SM Stores near you. And get to feel the difference and see the complete line and who knows, this might be the solutions to your neck pains or even insomnia. Look for the friendly Mr. Big Pillow staff and they'll assist you will all your queries.

My thoughts about Mr. Big Little Pillow: It's a bit small than the usual sizes of pillows but this is one of the fluffiest and comfiest pillow I was able to feel. Prices start at P1200

To know more about it, read more here:

Redesigning your bedroom can make you feel more energized and focused. Something fresh and beautiful sight. Redecorating also gives it a more lively feel. Making you relaxed and well-rested. And you'll be 100% functional for your day to day work.

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