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Get to know the MomPreneur in Me featuring the GCash App

Aside from being a blogger, did you guys know that I also do baking stuff and I sell them online?

For Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cake Orders, Please message me at Sweet Treats by: Aci Girl on facebook.

Sweet Treats by: Aci Girl

Yas! this was once my source of income and hope that it still is, kaya order na kayo ah!!!! Well, a Momma like me need to make raket too, to help daddyO lalo na these days na ang mamahal na ng bilihin and ang mga bills mapapaOMG! ka na lang!!!

For Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cake Orders, Please message me at Sweet Treats by: Aci Girl on facebook.

I'm okay being a work-at-home momma, at least na-momonitor ko ang mga kids, ang bahay, at ang aming buhay-buhay and buti nga nakakasingit ako ng raket for my cakes and cupcakes.

For Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cake Orders, Please message me at Sweet Treats by: Aci Girl on facebook.

But heck, I ain't no superwoman. Ang hirap din i-joggle ang lahat lalo na if sabay-sabay ka nilang kailangan. Like for example, pagbayad ng bills, pagbili nang groceries, also, school supplies for my kids assignments, at pag-stock ng ingredients and other stuff for my online bakery.

For Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cake Orders, Please message me at Sweet Treats by: Aci Girl on facebook.

All these, keri na ng powers ko! I can order online, or shop with ease and go cashless, yes, takot kasi talaga ako humawak ng pera :P Kaya super thankful to Gcash for making it possible!

Buti na lang din that most of my suppliers and even clients are into Gcash na. Kaya there's no need for me to go through banks, or any other money transfer establishment just to pay for supplies or for me to received payments for my work.

It was so easy to use. I simply linked my bank account to the GCash app to cash in. Every time I get a billing, I transfer funds from my bank to GCash. I then go to Send Money then tap the Send Money to Bank Account. I simply keyed in the amount I needed to pay and pressed send. My suppliers promptly receive my payment every transaction. It’s so easy, convenient and time-saving that I am able to better shuffle my tasks and mafeel pa-minsan that I am a supermom! I take care of my children, give them sufficient time and attention, and also pursue grow my business. It’s an app I simply can’t do without! I have never felt so free from the hassles of doing over-the-counter bank transfers.

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  1. Wow ang galing nyo po mommy aci 👏 kainspire naman po kayo buti pa kayo at may sideline na ganyan. Magandang partner yang gcash easy to use talaga. 😊😊😊

  2. Very true po mommy... Kung aasa lang talaga tayo sa sahod ni hubby, kulang po talaga.. Lalo na tulad ko nangungupahan pa ng bahay.. Grabe ang hirap nun.. Kahit nga po two na kami ni hubby naghahanap buhay kapos pa din.. Kaya po bilang sideline, nagpapaload po ako.. Hehe kunti man kita at least merun po.. And thanks to gcash na isa din po sa malaking tulong po sa akin lalo na sa pag bayad ng bills.. No need to pila sa mga bayad center... Just click click nalang.. Bayad ka na sa mga bills.. Easy to use pa.. Thumbs up..

  3. Eto din dream ko maging business nun pa. Hehe baking.


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