Saturday, December 08, 2018

Reasons Why You Should Choose Pampers

Team Bornea: Mommy Aci, Kuya Charles, Baby Chloe, Ate Ricci, and DaddyO

Time flies soooooo fast! These are the baby photos of 3 cutesy yet jurassicly makukulit kids namely Chloe, Ricci, and Charles. And today I realize that they are not so baby anymore.

So this is me reminiscing those times na super liit pa nila. I can still remember the puyatan episodes, the timplahan ng milk, burping, and the who to change their nappies during the alanganin hours!

OMG! I remembered something funny. Please allow me to share.

As a hands-on mom I know if its a poop or just weewee by just seeing it, feel, and of course the giveaway clue - that smell. 

Ang talas ng senses ko sa ganyan kaya I always volunteer pag alam kong weewee lang ang load ng diaper ni baby. And so, DaddyO thought naman na nata-timing lang ba sa kanya ang poop. I even told him na aba, mas nakakapoop sya sayo.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Pampers

So back to diaper changing, Mas easier ang job for me dahil we know how super-absorbent Pampers is, So isang palit lang for the rest of the night keri na! Well, except if may pasabog si baby ah.

And during daytime naman, mas happy si baby to play and move around with Pampers because of its comfy design that we love - kasi it's not super bulky and less sogging pa than other brands.

Nakakamiss ang may baby. We still use Pampers kahit they are not so baby anymore. My girls, lalo na pag na-super hyper during the day panigurado may they wear Pampers at night.

Kaya Momshies lalo na sa mga NewMoms and even Dads out there Choose Pampers na! And for those who already do, Go share your stories too with the hashtag #LessLawlawMoreWow #LessPalitMasSulit and get a chance to win prizes from Pampers! 

Watch the new Pampers video here, and try out Pampers to see how much you save in a day!



  1. Yes that's right! Kaya super love namin sa pampers, though medyo pricey sya compare sa ibang brand but i can say super sulit nya momshie. Hindi pa nalalawlaw kapag puno na which is unpleasant tignan diba?

  2. Super ganda ng pampers ang baby ko hiyang sa pampers kc d sya nagkakarashes and hindi sya agad naiirita kht may wiwi na ang diaper nya . -CIELO JONNA

  3. Ahaha ang tawa ko sa poops 😂. Bet ko din ang pampers nung new born pa si baby yan ang gamit ko kasi sakto sa age nya. Pero nung nag 1month na sya gumamit na ko ng cloth diaper at wag ka mas mahirap po tanggalin ang poop 😂. Ahaha.. pero ok lang kasi mas tipid naman po gamitin. Tyagaan lang talaga sa pag lalaba. G6

  4. Our number one brand,kahit mejo d pasok sa budget pero keri naman basta safe and happy c baby ☺️ g6


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