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World Diabetes Day 2018

More than 400 Million People have Diabetes. And just imagine those who didn't even know that they had it too. I for an instance is on that "borderline" status. I had that quick blood test on one of the media events I've been into and I had no idea that I was already on the borderline of getting Diabetes. I was shocked! 

World Diabetes Day 2018

Well, partly I am though another part of me is kind of aware of it too. My Father had diabetes (RIP Pappi) and I saw the symptoms and effects of the disease onto him and so is his struggles fighting the disease. Maybe that's why I stay away from sugars and avoided desserts when I was younger, Oh! maybe that's why I'm surprised about my blood test back then, that even though I deprived myself to eating sweets, powdered juice drinks, sugars, and even soft drinks, I'm still not that safe for getting diabetes.
The Philippines is one of the 22 countries and territories of the International Diabetes Federation. There were over 3.721.900 cases of diabetes in Philippines in 2017.
 Total Adult population: 60,327,000
 Prevalence of Diabetes in Adults: 6.2% 
Total Cases of Diabetes in Adults: 3,721,900

159 million people in the Western Pacific Region were diabetics.  And by the year 2045, this will rise to 183 million.  - International Diabetes Federation.

World Diabetes Day 2018 | November as Diabetes Awareness Month

Proclamation No. 1942, s. 2009 declares November 14 as the World Diabetes Day Celebration. With this, the World Diabetes Day is Celebrated and Observed here in the Philippines.

So in line as what the world is celebrating today, 
here's what I've bean thinking...

Sweetened Beans

and more Desserts.

Oh!  Food, Food, and more Foods?! 
And mostly Desserts?!

Wow, aren't they Sweet-Sugary looking dishes? 
Oh heck, the Irony...

But Relax... This bunch is nothing but just the good Stuff!

Pulses are an excellent source of protein, fiber and good kind of carbs. Contains essential nutrients like iron, zinc potassium, magnesium, and selenium. Also a good source of folate, which essential in producing and maintaining new cells, and is very important in pregnancy and infancy.

What do Pulses have to Offer for the Diabetics out there?!

Pulses have a low glycemic index = lower blood sugar levels.

Pulses are also good for the heart. Incorporating pulses in your diet may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, it can also improve your heart health by lowering cholesterol levels. Pulses can lower your blood pressure too by counteracting the effects of sodium because pulses are loaded with potassium too.

This SuperFood is an inexpensive source of protein. Super affordable yet contains 3x more protein than any other grains. And also, Pulses are naturally Gluten-free! 

Yes, all good stuff! I promise. 

Durian Lentil Meat Ball

Mussell & ChickPea Asian Soup

Bean Stew Korean Style

These are all easy-peasy recipes using Pulses. 

If you've been a follower of this blog for quite some time now, I bet you already chanced upon my blog post featuring Pulses way back 2016 and the other one just this year where I was able to go to Thailand and learn more about this Superfood of the Future.

Gotta Love Pulses

What you need to know about Pulses
U.S Pulses Trail

Start including Pulses to your Diet and making it a Habit!

Pulses are hailed as the SuperFood and the Future of Food - Super Packed with protein, fiber, and nutrients that can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. 1/2 cup, 3 times a week is the ideal amount of pulses that you should incorporate into your diet. 

World Diabetes Day 2018

Let's make the World Diabetes Day this 2018 more memorable and way healthier
with the help of Superfood! - Start including Pulses in your diet and make it a habit now!


  1. Ganda Adhikain ng Pulse dahil Healthier superfood with healthier lifestyle ang sarap ng mga food at gluten free na mga recipe

    1. True, noon iniisnob-snob ko lang yang mga butil-butil na yan, yung pala its super good for the body!

  2. Its good to know na madami pa pla mga super foods na super good for the body. And maganda amg hadikahin ng Pulse para satin kasi almost talaga ng sakit ngyon pag nagka Edad is diabetes.

    1. True, and kahit yung mga young adult can get it too, depends sa lifestyle and namamana din and diabetes. kaya we have to really watch what we eat.

  3. Maganda talaga na maging maingat sa mga kinakaen naten kase kung kelan ka magkakasakit don mo lang marerealize na kumaen ng healthy foods.. Thanks for this info. Lalo na ngayon di na tau bumabata kailangan naten yan kahit wala taung diabetes 😊😊

    1. I feel you, napapandalas din ang pagkakasakit ko and its a sign na di ok ang pinagkakain at ginagawa ko :) Health is wealth kaya alagaan naten ang ating mga sarili.

    2. Yes tama ka dyan ms. Aci kaya go to healthy living 😊😊

  4. Wow npaka sustansya neto momsh, dpat gnyan mga low on sugar, more on vegetables para iwas diabetes

    1. Ay so true ,dpat gnto rin pinapakain sa mga kids ung masusutansya ksma ang mga fruits ,kasi madalas kumain ng mga sweets ang mga kids e

  5. Dapat po talaga balance diet talaga pagkakain ng mga food. Pwede naman pong kumain ng bawal wag lang sobra yung tikim lng. Swerte po ngaun yung mga may diabetes kc may ibat ibang herbal n pwedeng inumin and may insulin na na pwedeng magpababa ng sugar.

  6. Wow ang healthy naman po nito and for affordable prizes pa .. Sana soon mkatikim din ako nito hehe

  7. Filipinos really likes sweets eh kahit ako everyday ako kumakain ng sweets and in every food may kasamang sugar as recipe. But sometimes kailangan talaga natin mag let go and magbawas ng sweets in our life para di tayo magkasakit. Kase di ba masarap kumain, pero masarap ba magkasakit? Great thing there's U.S Pulse and The half-cup habit that will help us balance our diet.

  8. Thank you for this info. Ms, aci,, may lahi din kaming diabetic dahil jan din pumanaw ang lolo ko.. Kaya iwas din ako sa mga sweet, at kung anu anu pang mga food na pwedeng pagmulan ng sakit na diabetic.. Nakita ko kasi kung panu siya naghirap sa sakit na yan. Kahit sa mga anak ko ngayon limit lang talaga ang sweet food.. Buti na lang at may ganitong recipe healthy balance diet 😊

  9. Salamat sa info momsh! Ngayon alam ko na po. Napakahelpful ng mga ito..

  10. Hala nakakatakot lahi pa naman namin ito Ms.Aci pero di ko talaga mapigilang hindi kakain ng sweets lalo na kapag chocolates 😂 . Salamat sa info Ms. Aci iiwasan ko na po kumain ng matataas ang sugar level.


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